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British media: the United States election results may be 5 people – International – August 25, according to the Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on August 23rd, 2000 in the U.S. presidential election, voters cast a total of more than 100 million votes, but the final decision is George W. Bush elected 537 votes in the state of Florida. Although in the election candidates always will strive for as many voters, they also must not ignore any one particular crowd. The British media said that in 2016 the U.S. general election, the following five groups are likely to result in the election. 1, white men who have not been to University reported that polls show that white men who did not go to college are the core supporters of Republican presidential candidate Trump (Donald Trump). His position on Trade and immigration has resonated with the working class. Trump must win over the majority of votes in this group. Trump supporters expressed optimism. They think: on the one hand, many voters in this group did not vote in the previous election, but this time it will come out in support of Trump; on the other hand, in the polls, some Trump supporters not openly expressed their intention to vote for Trump, "politically incorrect". In the survey found that voters do not disguise the intention to vote for Trump, some people even spend a long time on the phone to explain why they support Trump. In addition, because the two major candidates for the party’s support rate is not high, the voting rate will be relatively low, Trump camp predicted a big wave of new voters will not necessarily achieve. Unfortunately, Trump is very poor in women voters, especially those with higher education. 2, white women who went to college traditionally, white women who have received college education tend to support the Republican party. But now their political leanings have apparently shifted to the democrats. The survey shows that women with high education are disgusted with some of Trump’s irritating remarks. Voters hate most is Trump publicly ridiculed a disabled reporter, and he hinted that news anchor Megan (Megyn Kelly) to his question when the attitude is harsh, because she came to menstruation. Highly educated white women who resent Trump may win the Democratic candidate, Hilary, in two key states, including Colorado and the. The education level of these two states is generally high, Colorado’s residents have a college degree of, Virginia, 44% of the residents are college graduates. 3, anti trump Republicans in mid July, Trump enjoyed a slight advantage in the polls, displayed in the Republican unity in the case of Trump may get victory in the presidential election of November. But in August, Trump’s series of irritating remarks led to a drop in support. Among Trump’s supporters, young men and women are more. These people have been attracted by the outspoken Trump slammed the current system image, but now they think Trump is narrow-minded, is harsh, provoking hatred. It’s two and a half months from now, Trump wants it相关的主题文章: