Brave! Iraqi aunt hand blade terrorists, the rate of liberation of 50 people soojin

Brave! Iraqi aunt hand blade terrorists, the rate of 50 people under the control of the liberation of the hometown of ISIS in the city of ISIS in Iraq, a nearly 40 year old aunt can do? Dance square dance? ISIS to schools and homes as a weapons factory, everywhere is not safe. Play mobile phone? Because ISIS would be captured suspect residents with mobile phone information. Do food? Flour, sugar, rice shortage, work and income are a problem. Chat? The cafe like places were closed, about ISIS on the battlefield defeat people were executed. Look at these only to each other, and the family spent together. But fate is sometimes more cruel. For example, the hero of our story – Iraq aunt watts (Wahida) June 2014, ISIS Hilda launched an offensive in northern Iraq, the tile home – town of Shirqat occupied hilda. Her father, three brothers, two husband was killed, her son-in-law was tortured, was cut off in the hands and feet before execution. Only two of her daughters survived, with children displaced. Watts Sheeta, a 39 year old grandmother, began to fight back. She’s going to have to deal with ISIS in ISIS. She organized a militia group of 70 people and fought with ISIS. The aunt said: "I want to fight them, the enemy beheaded, cook their head, and burn their bodies." The aunt and the rocket powerful photos showed in her face book, two heads were cooked in the pot, there are also some photos show the headless body was burned. She posted similar photos on the web as a means of deterring extremists. "In the spread of ISIS molecule is not the paradise that killed a woman", is undoubtedly a Xiongshen Hilda tile like existence. She was described as "the most feared man of ISIS." According to media reports, ISIS was afraid of a woman with a gun…… She told the media last week that she had killed 18 terrorists alone. In fact, she began to fight terrorists 12 years ago, according to her description: in 2004, he worked with the Iraqi security forces to combat al qaeda. This leads to the extremists hate. She said she has become the number one target of ISIS, and even received a death threat from the ISIS leader himself. ISIS’s leader, "I chose to refuse," said the Iraqi aunt. The terrorists carried out six assassination attempts against her, and ISIS supporters placed a car bomb in front of her house, and in 2013-2014, extremists tried to take her life for the first time in 3 years. She is badly injured, "my head and legs still shrapnel, my ribs are broken". "None of this stopped me from fighting". She says so. In her left arm below the holster, hidden in a BERETTA 9 mm pistol, trigger near silver – paint was scratched off. The pistol in her under the tile Hilda’s prestige is quite high. The reporter described the interview before, wearing black camouflage uniforms, black hooded woman subordinates shouted: "shut up and just stay there". The room was in perfect silence.相关的主题文章: