Brand name trademark inheritance not less than 30 years, can be called Xiamen old brand winflash

No longer than 30 years ago, the name brand inheritance can be called "Xiamen old" brand or trademark inheritance for not less than 30 years to identify "old" brand". (data map) morning news (reporter Cai Yingliu) how old is the old name? What kind of protection can the old brand get? What kind of punishment will be used for fake brands? In Xiamen, some or all of them will go according to law. Yesterday, the fourteen Xiamen Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee held its thirty-ninth meeting, on the "Xiamen time-honored brand protection and promote the development of measures (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft") for the third time to consider. The draft will be "Xiamen time-honored" is defined as: "in the administrative area of Xiamen City, heritage unique products, technology or service, has a certain historical and cultural background, distinctive regional characteristics and cultural heritage, widely recognized by society, form a good reputation of the enterprise name, trade name or trademark registration, in accordance with the law the procedures and conditions that title". At the same time, in the relevant conditions of the provisions clearly: "brand or trademark inheritance of not less than 30 years."". The draft also for violations of "special Xiamen time-honored" title right punishment provisions, in violation of the provisions, unauthorized use of the same or similar with the "Xiamen time-honored" text, graphics or their combination, the market supervision and management department shall order correction; refuse to correct and impose illegal income more than doubled five times the fine, no illegal income, impose a two thousand yuan fine of ten thousand yuan. In addition, in order to enhance the transparency of the work of Xiamen time-honored assessment, to increase publicity draft clause: "the competent commerce department shall, in the main city media publicity to identify Xiamen time-honored list, publicity period of not less than thirty days." In 2012, some organizations had identified 80 old Xiamen brands. How could these commercial subjects be applied after the implementation of the measures? The Municipal Bureau of Commerce, after the implementation of these procedures, in accordance with the conditions identified then, examine the application materials submitted by the business subject, meet the requirements, to the public, awarded the Xiamen time-honored title, issued a new certificate and plaque, and to the public. The legal committee agreed to the treatment opinion. (Haixi morning news (micro-blog)) >

字号商标传承不少于30年 才能称厦门“老字号”字号或者商标传承不少于30年才能认定“老字号”。(资料图)晨报讯(记者 蔡樱柳)多老才算“老字号”?老字号品牌可以得到什么样的保护?假冒老字号又将受到何种处罚?在厦门,这一些或将都有法可依。昨日,厦门市十四届人大常委会召开第三十九次会议,对《厦门市老字号品牌保护发展促进办法(草案)》(以下简称“办法草案”)进行了第三次审议。此次办法草案将“厦门老字号”定义为:“在厦门市行政区域内,传承独特的产品、技艺或者服务,具有一定的历史文化背景、鲜明的地域特色和文化底蕴,得到社会广泛认同,形成良好信誉的企业名称、商号或者注册商标等,依照法定程序和条件认定的称号”。同时,在有关认定条件的规定中明确:“字号或者商标传承不少于30年”。办法草案还对侵犯“厦门老字号”称号专用权的处罚作出了规定,违反本办法,擅自使用与“厦门老字号”相同或者近似的文字、图形或者其组合的,由市场监督管理部门责令限期改正;拒不改正的,处以违法所得一倍以上五倍以下的罚款,没有违法所得的,处以二千元以上一万元以下罚款。此外,为提升厦门老字号评定工作的透明度,办法草案增加公示条款:“市商务主管部门应当在本市主要媒体公示拟认定的厦门老字号名单,公示期不少于三十日。”有单位曾于2012年组织认定了80家厦门老字号,本办法实施后对这些商事主体如何适用?市商务局提出,本办法实施后,将按照当时认定的条件,对这些商事主体提交的申报材料进行审核,符合当时认定条件的,向社会公示,授予厦门老字号称号,颁发新的证书、牌匾,并向社会公布。法制委同意该处理意见。(海西晨报(微博))>相关的主题文章: