Born second child study says 35 year old female child better later-adobe gamma

Born second child study says 35 year old female child is not better after a second child? A lot of Ben four mother because of the age and tangled. Refer to the results of the University of Southern California: the second child of the female mental better than one female, 35 year old child female mental better later. The researchers recruited 830 middle-aged women, let them take a series of tests, including reading, memorizing words, retell the story plot. Results show that the 24 year old female child epigenetic problem solving and logical thinking ability in the early pregnancy of women; female fertility of the last baby after 35 years of age, cognitive ability and verbal memory ability; birth two child female mental than one good. "Researchers at the American Geriatrics Society" published papers wrote, some reasons of the association may lie in the pregnancy hormone level changes, thus affecting the chemical substance and function in the brain. Some experts believe that the effects of brain changes due to pregnancy may last a lifetime. Today’s topic: what is a child trouble? Put your views to our WeChat public number Q treasure pioneer background, have the opportunity to get a beautiful gift!相关的主题文章: