Boost Milk Production Cow, Goat And Buffalo With Power Milk-下北glory days

Pets Power Milk is the best feed supplement for Livestock such as cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, poultry, dog, horse, pig, fish, rabbit, and mule. It has got many features that make it unique from other products. It has got the right contents that can be easily absorbed in the guts of animals. It has got Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 that helps for the absorption of Calcium and phosphorus and thereby maintains the metabolism of the body. The presence of Ferric ammonium citrate helps for the absorption of Iron in to the intestinal track of animals. Power Milk is 100% soluble, so each drop contains equal mixture of all the ingredients. The dosage level varies for different animals. You can see results within one or two weeks of the usage of this milk and there are lots of benefits of using Power Milk. If you are having a Dairy Farm, you can use this feed supplement to increase the milk production in Cow and Buffalo. In case of poultry farming, you can use it to increase the quality and size of milk. It can also increase the strength of muscles and bones in animals. .mon problems in Livestock such as loss of appetite, hypocalcaemia, milk fever, anemia and digestion problems can be easily avoided by using this milk. You can witness that the skin of animal to glow after feeding them with PowerMilk. Recently one of our clients noticed that lots of hair from the livestock is falling due to change in location of the farm. He was very much worried about the condition and finally reached us to get a better solution. He was convinced with the ingredients present in the milk as it contains mostly of the natural plant extracts. He tried our product and was very happy about the end results. Power Milk is definitely worth a Try. The milk is available in the form of 1000ml pack. You can call us or Email us to know how often we should use the Power Milk and the dosage levels because it varies for different Livestock. For Large Animals like Buffalo, we should give 20ml of milk 2 times per day. But for small animals it is enough to give 10ml 2 times per day. For a group of 100 Broilers, power milk should be given 10 ml per day. It is the best feed supplement preferred by all Farm Owners. Boost Milk Production in Cattle 相关的主题文章: