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Software India is the second largest producer of cement in the world; globally renowned cement companies operate in India through local group of companies. A heavy investment by large cement manufacturers in expansion or inviting FDI in Indian companies shows it is among the best cement markets in Asia. Doubling its manufacturing capacity by 2025 and scaling new heights with an investment of close to US $ 50.1 Billion. With such a huge market, it places enormous pressure on sales reps by their respective companies to tap their share of pie. Today sales engines at Cement companies are looking at adopting technology innovation to accelerate their sales and improve dealer network. Bodhtree, a Salesforce partner in India is helping cement companies to adapt Cloud CRM to achieve best of Sales automation and improve dealer network. Some of the tactical business challenges faced by cement companies are poor visibility into customer and business performance, collaboration between departments, no proper reporting and analytics, poor dealer network, no mobile and offline support to sales reps on the field etc. The dynamics of trade and no-trade barriers are bound to change over the time. Companies are aligning technical teams as a separate entity to generate business. They require a robust sales automation to track and monitor the entire sales cycle. Unlike the other micro verticals, dealer network and retailers play a crucial role in cement business. Bodhtree helped a large cement company in India which has 40,000 customer touch points daily. With Salesforce CRM cement companies are bound to engage with new customers in a whole new way. Bodhtrees Solution is helping companies to adopt Cloud CRM and empower sales reps, Managers and Dealers to improve sales with great transparency. Each size of the company has their own set of business problems. Recently we have unplugged some of the biggest challenges for a largest cement company in South India. Our solution has reengineered their sales and aligned them to their sales vision. Sales reps are fully empowered with mobile devices; they can access the dealer information on the fly, they can view order info, credit limit, and competitor analysis on their mobile devices. While dealers are fully connected with the sales reps there is a complete visibility into the dealer network, sales cycle, trade and non-trade channels etc. This is a greater testimony as how age old cement companies are turning to Cloud CRM to save cost, improve sales and expand their market share. Truly, Bodhtree and CRM are bringing new level of innovation for Cement companies in India. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: