BlackBerry from hard to soft and long loincloth who is connected with disc technology Sohu jiqingwuyuetian

BlackBerry: from hard to soft long last fig leaf? Who is connected with the disc in front of the old paper technology Sohu No BB No BB. cool, if you do not have a blackberry, then shut up forever. Libra’s Daily: about BlackBerry, always recall; about BlackBerry, always tangled. Look at what they have used a row of Blackberry mobile phone, my heart weep, BlackBerry from hard to soft, this time, perhaps a long love goodbye. From hard to soft arm yesterday, BlackBerry has released its 2017 fiscal year Q2 performance, revenue of $490 million, down 31.8%, a net loss of $372 million, this is the two consecutive quarter of losses blackberry. Among them, the BlackBerry software business is greatly increased by 21%, revenue reached $166 million. Loss or growth may not be the key, because I am afraid that in addition to John Chen, few people care about the BlackBerry company’s profit and loss, for a long time, it is precarious. Berry powder has focused on the mobile phone, in the end when the last blackberry. As CEO, John Chen took office after trying to reverse BlackBerry situation, abandon BlackBerry, embrace the Android, the most daring decision always appear from here — he will stop BlackBerry hardware development, completed by the outsourcing partners. I have a few friends of the BlackBerry complex, they are in the circle of friends, micro-blog and other occasions, a variety of euphemism for blessing, the majority of people euphemistically expressed the BlackBerry from hard to soft understanding and blessing. I deeply feel that this is a kind of sorrow. BlackBerry fans hurt our body and mind, but most people are still in for the sake of it. My hand is BlackBerry recently, a new mobile phone — BlackBerry DTEK50, the mobile phone, BlackBerry has no positive elements, it looks like a common end Android phone. However, it is not so common. Because it’s a blackberry. It is composed of TCL foundry, on these two days, TCL released a slightly Knight style business mobile phone back, look at the DTEK50, I couldn’t even tell who is who, who is blackberry, who is TCL. From the flagship full keyboard, now to obliterate all machine, this is the BlackBerry today. Once, the BlackBerry is let me how crazy, because BlackBerry so I made many good friends, blackberry, developers, channels, strawberry powder…… They are the most loved of all the friends, even though I am now on the BBM, you can still see them in the group happily explore various topics related to blackberry. You can’t even talk to them about the popular double lens and fingerprint recognition on the table, and it seems to them that security and productivity are vital to the mobile terminal. Too axis. The last piece of cloth sometimes, this world is so strange these days, Beijing is the most comfortable season, but before the busy, but a kind of have no sense to. Apple, Samsung’s two giants, each has a good thing, iPhone slot more than 7, but still sell off, samsung.相关的主题文章: