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  bite the old problem;   new trends on the 63 (depth of attention) and formulate specific provisions – Politics – reporter, to promote long-term normalization of style building. In January last year to October this year, the province’s total accountability for leading cadres 206 people – focused on the Town Commission for Discipline Inspection of part-time, full-time task implementation   "private enterprises need soft environment clean and fair, but the leader of the development zone to lead the blackmail card, how to ease the development of enterprises?" Not long ago, a pharmaceutical company manager of Siping City, Jilin Province Economic Development Zone in the face of the inspection teams, so angry. On a visit to the Jilin provincial Party Committee Organization in Siping City Economic Development Zone, former director and not as messy as a deputy director to the borrower in the name of long-term free occupancy of enterprise funds in personal profit problems surfaced. Two people were investigated, the development zone has quietly changed the business environment, many entrepreneurs said, now my heart light and spacious, the investment confidence of the foot. Now, the Jilin Commission for discipline inspection committees and earnestly fulfill the main responsibility and oversight responsibility, persevere grab style building, and actively create a delicate gas is a good political environment, entrepreneurship. "Grasping style construction, must take the momentum to make an assault, and fight a protracted war of resistance, as a riding pole slack back spirited away." Jilin provincial Party Secretary Ba Antsoru said. An inch does not allow, a ruler in the end in recent years, Jilin continued to force pressure, the implementation of the provisions of the central eight spirit, correct the four winds". Now, from the province to the village streets, thorough investigation, checks focus questions linkage remediation work style of cadres, has become the norm. Mid Autumn Festival this year, during the national day, Jilin City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau of the fifth discipline inspection room Chen Xiaotao busy bus sequestration inspection work, did not dare careless. The bus parked in the specified location, he coordinated road traffic police retrieved surveillance video, and vehicle drivers provide routes by comparison. "Don’t let an inch, a ruler in the end, you are a" strict "." As a grass-roots cadres, Chen Xiaotao realized the positive wind Su Ji on the issue of "zero tolerance". However, under pressure, some people will eat dinner into the canteen, various subsidies…… "Retrofit four wind" problem, put on a cloak". To bite the old problem, also want to keep an eye on new trends. According to the "four winds" new forms, new trends, Jilin through a series of special operations "in hot pursuit". As of now, the province’s repaying spamming allowances and subsidies of nearly 7 million 500 thousand yuan, the rectification canteens departments of violation of discipline problems 111, check and correct the purchase of commercial prepaid cards, false invoices accounted for 166 of about 2000000 yuan, up to correct the illegal use of the bus 463. 1 to October this year, Jilin to investigate violations of the central eight provisions of mental health problems since 407, handling 497 people, 483 people party and government discipline, 492 people have 421 exposure. During the review of the former president of Jilin Justice Officer Academy Zhu Genjia serious disciplinary cases in the process, the provincial Commission for discipline inspection found that it was convened during the provincial Party School相关的主题文章: