Biological Fine Chemical Industry Has A Broad Development

Marketing At present, because of the non-renewable resources such as coal, oil and natural gas, the problems of energy shortage and environmental protection have be.e increasingly prominent. China’s sustainable economic development is restricted. Therefore, there is an urgent need for China to select additional alternative energy sources. Bio-energy octylferrocene is renewable and has less environmental pollution. And because it is widely distributed and abundant, it arouses many peoples concern. At present, bio-energy ranks forth in the world’s total energy consumption. It is only after coal, oil and gas. It plays an important role in the entire energy system. With the great importance the world attaches to development of bioenergy fine chemical industry, the development of biological and fine chemical industry has broad development prospectst. At present, some countries have not only established a dedicated research organization, has also developed a biological long-term planning of the development of fine chemical industry, have given support in the relevant policies and funding. Moreover, many of the world’s largest manufacturers of the chemical giant have invested a lot of manpower and resources to the study of bio-chemical technology. Due to the emphasis on the biological development of the fine chemical industry, biotechnology and fine chemical industry has very rapid developments. For example, the microbial production of acrylamide, adipic acid, hyaluronic acid, aspartic acid and other products to industrial production scale; cellulose ethanol technology has been applied. And biological production of high-performance polymer, high membrane performance, high-performance liquid crystal, biodegradable plastics and other technologies are constantly being perfect. In China, biotechnology fine chemical industry has also been actively developed. Chinese lead citrate production is highest in the world. The technology has basically reached the world advanced level. Lysine and glutamic acid also have certain advantages in the production process and output. The microbial production of acrylamide industrial production has formed the production scale. In addition, they also have made some progress in bio-pesticides and food industry. Because of obvious advantage for biological fine chemical industry development .paring to the traditional chemical development, now China pays seriously attention to bio-chemical industry, especially in the bio-chemical technologies, such as biotechnology downstream of national key laboratories and the construction of the national biological chemical research and development center. It provides better technical support for Chinese bio-chemical industry. In the future, with the acceleration process of level rising in Chinese biotechnology and related technology industry, prospects for the development of fine bio-chemical industry will be.e very broad. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: