Biography Samsung new A7 to come before and after the lens are 1600W pixels (video) noiseware

The new Samsung A7 is coming after the lenses are 1600W pixel digital news Tencent (blue) with ultra-thin design and metal body of the Samsung GALAXY A series is not in the limelight, but in the low-end market, Samsung still win a lot of users, so the launch of 2017 of the third generation of products is also the logical thing. The day before, the benchmark site GeekBench has released part of the configuration of 2017 Samsung GALAXY A7 and A3, especially the former is more rely on around 16 million pixel camera specifications, to attract a lot of eyeballs. Before and after the 16MP shot from the benchmark website GeekBench published information, the 2017 Samsung GALAXY A7 undoubtedly more attractive on the hardware specifications. The machine is equipped with a 5.5 inches touch screen, and supports 1080p resolution, equipped with 1.8GHz eight core processor, integrated with Mali-T830 graphics chips, but it is not clear whether Samsung’s own Exynos processor. At the same time, the Samsung is also equipped with 3GB RAM memory and 32GB storage capacity, as the most attractive place is the front and rear cameras are up to 16 million pixels, support for full HD video recording. However, some people think that the possibility of 2017 Samsung GALAXY A7 is equipped with 16 million pixel front camera is not, after all the previous generation product is only 5 million pixel level, Samsung seems unlikely to adopt such a radical configuration, maybe it should be the benchmark software to identify the wrong reason. Equipped with Exynos 7870. Nevertheless, from the configuration information synchronization exposure of 2017 Samsung GALAXY A3, the new GALAXY A7 with a 16 million pixel front camera there is still a possibility, because more low-end positioning 2017 Samsung GALAXY A3 with the front camera up to 8 million pixels, the main camera is 12 million pixels. So the front lens, the third generation of GALAXY A7 high pixel as upgrade key is also reasonable thing. As for the other configuration of 2017 Samsung GALAXY A3, the machine is equipped with 4.7 inches touch screen, but the resolution is only 720p; equipped with a Samsung Exynos 7870 processor, clocked at 1.5GHz and Mali-T830 with GPU, but the memory combination is very shabby, only 2GB RAM+8GB ROM; so it should support memory card expansion. Metal glass perfect fit Samsung Galaxy A7 started or will experience evaluation before the end of the release of 2017 Samsung GALAXY A7 and A3 Android are equipped with 6.0.1 Marshmallow system, at the same time there will be 2017 Samsung GALAXY A5 has previously leaked relevant information in the GeekBench database, which also means that Samsung will soon after all update third generation of GALAX.相关的主题文章: