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Beijing: three hospitals in high-risk pregnant women filing rate increased to 80%– Health Channel – original title: three hospitals in high-risk pregnant women filing rate increased to 80% yesterday, the city CPPCC is the two child policy cohesion held leadership key proposals for the inspection and supervision of the forum. City Planning Commission official said in reply to the proposal, the two child policy after the implementation of advanced maternal age increased, in order to reduce maternal production risk, high-risk pregnant women filing three midwifery institutions in the city to more than 80% rate. At the same time, the city is also actively promoting the establishment of urban critical neonatal referral network to determine the Beijing Children’s Hospital and other 7 hospitals for the rescue of the designated hospital for critical neonates. At the age of 35 years old and above pregnancy is older pregnancy, according to the research committee data show that China in accordance with the "object of the two child policy is about 90 million, 60% of them over 35 years old, older women face reduced fertility, pregnancy complications such as pregnancy risk, such as how to ensure their safety? The City Planning Commission responsible person, at present, has asked the district to improve the implementation of the jurisdiction of the books community and one or two midwifery institutions, three midwifery institutions and district designated hospital rescue of critically ill pregnant women grid docking, to carry out screening and assessment of risk factors for pregnant women to establish "maternal and child health records" in the community, leading with general risk factors pregnant women filing and prenatal care in grade two and above midwifery institutions; risk factors of pregnant women with severe rescue designated hospitals or three midwifery institutions at the district level for archiving and prenatal care; with the very serious risk factors and unfavorable pregnancy and prenatal care for pregnant women to have established in municipal rescue designated hospitals, medical institutions responsible for the implementation of the first diagnosis for, not prevarication. When the risk factors of pregnant women after the dynamic changes in the level of risk assessment in a timely manner, the orderly transfer of consultation. At the same time improve the level three midwifery institutions of high-risk pregnant women filing rate increased from 40% to more than 80%. In addition, requiring the district to strengthen the management and treatment of high-risk pregnant women, the delivery agencies to promptly collect follow-up records of pregnant women, the risk factors for screening out within 5 working days of the information input system of maternal and child health care network in Beijing City, at the same time required to build copies of community weekly view of high-risk pregnant women follow-up information, follow-up guidance people at high risk of prenatal screening, found in the home follow-up when necessary. Establishment of critical pregnant women rescue work performance evaluation and funding subsidies, the establishment of critical maternal referral network. Aiming at the problem of the pregnant women filing Committee, the relevant responsible person said, at present, has set up the city and district level two pregnant women filing service center in the city of maternal and child health hospital, if pregnant women filing problem, to build copies of the community shall coordinate and solve, such as the construction of book community is unable to coordinate, will report to pregnant women filing service center to help coordinate and solve Beijing City, security file delivery in pregnant women. In addition, the city is also actively promote the establishment of urban neonatal referral network in the city within the No.1 Hospital of Peking University, No.3 Hospital of Peking University, Beijing Children’s Hospital, to determine the selection, Capital Institute of Pediatrics, children’s Hospital Affiliated Bayi children’s Hospital Affiliated 302nd Hospital of PLA, General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, Navy General Hospital and 7 municipal neonatal grab)相关的主题文章: