Before You Learn Guitar Tabs, Make Sure Youre

Arts-and-Entertainment If you’re planning on trying to learn guitar tabs then you probably need to be advised that it’s not going to be quite as straightforward as you first imagined. Perhaps like many people you’ve watched accomplished guitarists dance around on stage, joking with the fellow band members and basically looking very much as though the very last thing on their mind was playing the guitar. Somehow the tunes still come rocking out pitch perfect and right on time, almost without the guitarist seeming to do very much at all. Of course, we’ll overlook the small number who may well be miming, but look at the vast majority who really do make it look as though there’s almost nothing at all to playing the guitar. Having said that, playing the guitar is much like anything really, in that the more you play and practise the easier it gets. But for anyone looking to learn guitar tabs and start performing having watched their favourite guitarists thumping out a great tune without even trying, the reality can be something of a shock. In fact there are probably at least two shocks waiting in store. The first problem is that the guitar itself will at first feel about three and a half times bigger than it looks. As you try to hold the guitar you will begin to realise that your hand may not as easily reach round the frets as you thought it would, and this itself is something that requires practise. After this you’ll quickly realise that in addition to having to stretch your wrists and get them used to holding positions that aren’t brilliantly comfortable for quite long times, your fingertips will start to feel sore from holding down the strings so firmly. The best thing to do to overcome these problems is simply to limit your practise to a few minutes at a time, several times a day. Don’t try to start playing the guitar by setting aside an hour or more in a single slot each day. You’ll quickly feel you have to give up through sheer discomfort after just a few days, and it’s likely to be a very disheartening experience. It needn’t be, because frankly playing the guitar is a great experience, but it does pay to approach it in the right way. But once this first shock has been dealt with you then face the second surprise as far as trying to learn guitar tabs is concerned. Because whilst it is fairly easy to pick up a few basic chords and strum a few popular tunes, the moment you try to improve your playing by using sheet music you’ll realise just how different playing a guitar is from any other instrument. Yes, it might look easy when you see guitarists on stage, but what you don’t see are the years of practise and hard work that went into making it look so easy and effortless. Guitar tabs are not written down in the same way as standard musical notation, which can be a bit of a surprise to many. If you’ve started to learn the guitar having learned another instrument already then you may feel that you’ll have an advantage as far as understanding how guitar tabs are written. The truth is that far from having an advantage you may be at something of a disadvantage, since there’s barely any resemblance at all between how guitar tabs are written and how standard musical notation is written. There are no notes, no indications of beat or pace or length of note or timing. Instead you have a drawing representing six strings, and numbers representing your fingers. But don’t let this put you off. Because whilst learning the guitar is harder than you might at first imagine there are ways to help improve the process and make it a good deal easier and more effective. 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