Before October, Shandong achieve 1 million 73 thousand new urban jobs-bloxorz

Before October, the city of Shandong to achieve new employment of 1 million 73 thousand people, reporters recently from the provincial human resources and social security department was informed that this year 1 – October, the province to achieve 1 million 73 thousand new urban employment, the completion of the annual plan of 97.5%, the overall stability of the employment situation. Faced with the increasing employment pressure of college graduates, people and social departments vigorously promote the sharing of resources between the government and universities, strengthen employment services, guide graduates to employment at the grassroots level, and vigorously promote entrepreneurship. In addition, our province through the transfer of employment, boost entrepreneurship, precise training, personnel support, national insurance etc. precise poverty "five action", the first three quarters of this year, the province employment transfer of rural population of 85 thousand people, 17 thousand people transferred to the province, 2 million 424 thousand poor people all into the social security. There are still some problems such as the loss of enterprise posts in our province, the increase of employees’ resettlement pressure in production capacity, and the structural contradictions of employment. Since the beginning of this year, our province has carried out policy audit on 8 enterprises with heavy tasks and complicated situations, and timely solved the practical difficulties encountered by enterprises. (reporter Li Zilu correspondent Zhang Shaohua)

前10月山东实现城镇新增就业107.3万人   记者近日从省人力资源社会保障厅获悉,今年1―10月,我省实现城镇新增就业107.3万人,完成年度计划的97.5%,就业形势总体稳定。   面对高校毕业生就业压力加大的情况,人社部门大力促进政府与高校的资源共享,加强就业服务,引导毕业生面向基层就业,大力促进创业。   此外,我省通过开展转移就业、助推创业、精准培训、人才支撑、全民参保等精准扶贫“五项行动”,今年前三季度,省内转移农村就业人口8.5万人,向省外转移1.7万人,将242.4万贫困人口全部纳入社会保障。   我省企业岗位流失,去产能中的职工安置压力增加,就业结构性矛盾等问题依然存在。今年以来,我省对任务重、情况复杂的8家企业进行了政策审核,及时解决企业遇到的实际困难。(记者 李子路 通讯员 张绍华)相关的主题文章: