Because man eats rushing to pay to be hit into a coma pullip

Because man eats rushing to pay to be hit into a coma original title: grab a snack for   stunned Guangzhou daily news (reporter Zhang Danyang     correspondent Shi Guihong, Joey Leung) Guangzhou Yuexiu police yesterday informed, recently, the police quickly cracked a case of intentional injury cases, the cause of this injury the case was due to pay for "snack two (checkout)" altercation caused by.   October 25th at 5 pm, Yuexiu police received a public warning, said a man near the intersection of Beijing road and the sidewalk in the Pearl Road, was wounded in a coma. After receiving the report, the police quickly arrived at the scene disposal, and assist 120 medical personnel will be injured Zhongmou (male, 25 years old, Guangzhou people) hospital. Subsequently, the Yuexiu police immediately set up a task force to investigate the case.   police investigators found that before the incident, a clock and 3 men together in a restaurant to eat snack Pearl Road, one of the men in Europe (Guangzhou 22,) is a major crime suspects. After the victim fell to the ground, a man with a man to leave the scene, and take a taxi to leave. According to the police clues, on the same day 19 am, will be a European control in Qi Fu road nearby, and brought back to the investigation.  , after investigation, the same day at 2 am, a friend of Europe and a friend in the river along the way a bar to get to know the clock in a bar during the period of two. In Europe, Zhongmou 4 people left the bar, continue to eat in a restaurant snack Pearl road. According to a statement from Europe, and a checkout clock for "bill", the two sides dispute. After leaving a restaurant in Europe, believes that the attitude of the arrogance of the bell, then beat the bell, and cause it to fall to the ground, after a taxi ride with his friends. At present, Europe is a suspicion of the crime of intentional injury has been Yuexiu police criminal detention, the bell is still in hospital, the case is under further investigation in accordance with the law. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: