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Look bad but long Zodiac match (Figure) look bad but long Zodiac match around us is not always a lack of our failure to see the couples or couples, and ultimately to the perfect ending, we leave these masses eat melon lamented: do not want to understand, see through marriage! So what combination of the Zodiac will be difficult to be optimistic about this, but can help each other to the old model? This network technology Ziwei star announced for you! The rat Zodiac rat Dog + of interpersonal communication is the most flexible and extensive, not lack of friends, a group of people; the dog is easy to hate the rat’s speculative dating behavior, which couples both be in dispute. But if the mouse is a husband, a dog for his wife, although there is often an argument in the outsider, but it will not affect the stability of the family. But if the relationship on the contrary, sooner or later the outbreak of large family conflicts, family stability is not alarmist. Ox + Snake Zodiac here, Ziwei star network technology refers to the "ox + Mr. Snake Lady" this combination oh! Although the female snake husband will give enough respect in the family, but the nature of playinglove their interaction in specific and easy to be lost, conservative, stubborn temper is Mr. Niu misunderstanding. Therefore, many people do not look at this pair! Want to hand in hand to the old lady, a snake just belongs to Mr. Niu into his circle of friends, all with Mr. present, let him know their friends, eliminate the contradiction, misunderstanding the nature, nature of marriage to each other better and better. Zodiac tiger + Zodiac rabbit though is a tiger who has a stubborn temper, but rabbit character unwilling to compromise that insist, is not to be underestimated. Once in the life in rabbit can not retreat, the two battle than "when" is more gentle. But the fierce tiger is fleeting, rabbit is also home to the natural peacekeepers, let the couple marriage eventually become a "noisy life, typical is not always separate". Zodiac horse + Zodiac monkey is a horse and a monkey who actually have the same place in nature – lively and outgoing, like unrestrained. This makes it easy for two people to find common interests and hobbies, and then detonate the spark of love. But into the marriage, the need to meet two people must be tied to participate in the convergence of the heart to play things, the nature of the two may be caused by the outbreak of conflict fuse. However, when the time passed the initial unbearable, two people’s mentality, the sense of responsibility are gradually mature, and will soon find a suitable way for their marriage, the feelings of the more natural the better. Rooster + pig at "Cangzhuo" the pig people tend to love the most simple, low-key life, and the rooster, especially when I was young, but the unknown resistance may not be lonely". If the two sides do not coordinate each other’s attitude towards life, it is easy to cause conflict. But the couple tried to go to the old zodiac is not impossible, just "pig Mr. Rooster + lady" this combination more likely to be successful! There are dragon rabbit Zodiac Zodiac Zodiac + traditional marriage.相关的主题文章: