Barclays key currencies’ trend analysis and trading strategy-beself

Barclays: key currencies analysis and trading strategy of global foreign exchange February 10th — Barclays Capital (Barclays Capital) technical analysis team provided $$, yen, pound, Swiss franc, Euro $$$$$$and the latest trading strategy analysis. The specific points are as follows: the dollar fell below 115.55 yen to encourage the overall bearish, the initial Amoi target 113.1030 nearby point, then look at 110.35. The pound fell below the 21 day moving average near $1.4355 level of support will be encouraged to turn bearish, the downside target point to 1.4150 and a low of 1.4080. The euro Franc was bullish on the euro franc, and the fall on Friday (February 5th) was seen as an adjustment in the overall rally. Tend to buy at dips to 1.0980, breaking 1.1200 will open up to 1.1330 of the space. Australian dollar range high 0.7245 bearish, the initial target to see around 0.7000 points, and then look at 0.6915. New Zealand dollar fell below the initial target of 0.6560, near the point will mean further fall to 0.6415, the larger downward target to see the low point around 0.6345. The resistance position is 0.6755. USDCAD closed Friday confirmed earlier at the bottom of the form, means that in the range of higher, has turned bullish, on the upside target near 1.4105 points, then 1.4170. The global currency exchange center showed that at 11:22 Beijing time, Euro dollar was 1.129699, sterling dollar was 1.447476, and US dollar was 1.390507. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

巴克莱:关键货币对走势分析与交易策略   环球外汇2月10日讯–巴克莱资本(Barclays Capital)技术分析团队提供了美元 日元、英镑 美元、欧元 瑞郎、澳元 美元、纽元 美元和美元 加元最新交易策略分析。具体观点如下:   美元 日元   跌破115.55鼓励整体看跌,初始夏新目标指向113.10 30附近点位,此后下看110.35。      英镑 美元   跌破21日移动均线1.4355水平线附近支撑位将鼓励看跌,下行目标依次指向1.4150和1.4080低点。   欧元 瑞郎   总体看涨欧元 瑞郎,上周五(2月5日)的下跌视为整体涨势里的调整。倾向于在跌向1.0980时逢低买入,上破1.1200将打开涨至1.1330的空间。   澳元 美元   区间高点0.7245看跌,初始目标下看0.7000附近点位,此后下看0.6915。   纽元 美元   跌破初始目标0.6560附近点位将意味着进一步跌向0.6415,较大下行目标下看0.6345附近低点。阻力位位于0.6755。   美元 加元   上周五收盘确认了此前的底部形态,意味着将在区间内走高,已转为看涨,上行目标上看1.4105附近点位,此后为1.4170。   环球外汇行情中心显示,北京时间11:22,欧元 美元报1.1296 99,英镑 美元报1.4474 76,美元 加元1.3905 07。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: