At 28th anniversary, thank you — 10 yuan viewing wanton enjoy

At 28th anniversary, thank you — "10 yuan viewing presumptuous to enjoy" the sina finance > credit card; > promotions > the industrial 28th anniversary, thank you — "10 yuan viewing wanton enjoy"     08 2016 31 August   17:45    activity: Industrial Bank the bank time: September 30, 2016 Venue: Ningbo time: from now until September 30, 2016 every Friday activities: during the event every Friday, the industrial bank credit card customers in the activities of business card can enjoy 10 yuan preferential viewing. 2 discount per person per day, 4 discount per month. Places of activity are limited, first come first served. Business activities: preferential merchant name content stores the address of Ningbo Poly International Studios on 2D, 3D (10 yuan listing price of 80 yuan) Ningbo medicine Street Mall 7 floor Cixi Asia A star America studios 10 yuan 2D, 20 yuan 3D Cixi City Youth Palace Road No. 99 intime city 7 floor Zhenhai Poly International cineplex 10 yuan 2D, 20 yuan 3D Zhenhai camel streets static Silver billion Plaza No. 405 sea far west 3 floor Ninghai times 10 yuan view 2D, 3D studios (before the daily limit of 50) Ninghai County Yuelong streets World Trade Center Building 1, floor 5, Cixi New World International cineplex 10 yuan 2D, 15 yuan 3D Cixi Guanhaiwei carrain International Shopping Center 3F activity rules: 1, each under the name of all credit cards in all 10 yuan viewing activities of businesses sharing preferential qualification, the daily limit of 2 per month to enjoy preferential, enjoy 4 preferential limit.                   2, all the "10 yuan viewing" merchants preferential total limit of 5000 Zhang (Ninghai times daily limit studios before 50), is not the same with other offers, promotions, coupons, IMAX, IMAX, 4D, VIP Department of special screenings do not participate in the activities.                         3, whether to participate in the activities of special holidays theater party propaganda prevail, such as in the movie theater special limit required by the customer to make up the difference. 4, the preferential activities of this transaction shall not be exchanged for cash. 5, during the event, such as POS machine failure or other force majeure factors lead to customers can not enjoy the concessions, Societe Generale Bank does not need to bear the corresponding responsibility. 6, the activities involved in the service matters and quality problems are responsible for the corresponding activities of merchants, Societe Generale Bank does not assume any legal responsibility. 7, in the legal permission scope, the Industrial Bank reserves the right to explain the terms of this event, and have the right to cancel this activity or add, delete and book the rules and WeChat, websites, bills, voice calls and other media or silver: 兴业28周年,感恩有你――“10元观影放肆享” 新浪财经 > 信用卡 > 优惠活动 > 正文 兴业28周年,感恩有你――“10元观影放肆享”   2016年08月31日 17:45   活动银行:兴业银行起止时间:2016年9月30日止活动地点:宁波 活动时间:即日起至2016年9月30日期间每周五 活动内容:活动期间每周五,兴业银行信用卡持卡客户在活动商户刷卡可享10元观影优惠。每人每日限享2张优惠,每月限享4张优惠。活动名额有限,先到先得。 活动商户: 商户名称 优惠内容 门店地址 宁波保利国际影城 10元观2D、3D (挂牌价80元以下) 宁波市药行街亚细亚商城A座7楼 慈溪中影星美影城 10元观2D,20元观3D 慈溪市青少年宫南路99号银泰城7楼 镇海保利国际影城 10元观2D,20元观3D 镇海区骆驼街道静远西路405号银亿海尚广场3楼 宁海时代影城 10元观2D、3D (每日限前50张) 宁海县跃龙街道世贸中心1号楼5楼 慈溪新世界国际影城 10元观2D,15元观3D 慈溪市观海卫嘉润国际购物中心3F 活动细则: 1、每人名下所有信用卡在所有“10元观影”活动商户共享优惠资格,每日限享2张优惠,每月限享4张优惠。          2、所有“10元观影”活动商户优惠总限5000张(宁海时代影城每日限前50张),不与其他优惠、促销、赠券同时使用,巨幕、IMAX、4D、VIP厅等特殊场次不参加活动。             3、特殊节假日是否参加活动以影院方对外宣传为准,如遇影院方特殊限价影片需由客户补齐差价。 4、本活动所享优惠不得兑换现金。 5、活动期间,如因POS机具故障或其它不可抗力因素导致客户无法享受本优惠,兴业银行无需承担相应责任。 6、本次活动所涉及的服务事宜及质量问题均由对应活动商户负责,兴业银行不承担任何法律责任。 7、在法律的允许的范围内,兴业银行保留对本次活动条款进行解释的权利,并有权根据情况取消本活动或增减、删订本规则并于微信、网站、账单、语音电话等媒体或银行网点公告后生效。 欢迎发表评论 分享到:相关的主题文章: