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As to have been born mother stepdaughter stepfather to be no divorce after losing custody of Lee (female) and Wang (male) in the 2010 Registration of marriage, Lee Department of marriage, but with an illegitimate female moujia Lee (born 2009, her father disappeared, Wang married). Two people due to the character of marriage often quarrel, Lee in 2012 left her daughter Li Moujia alone has been running away from home, so Li Moujia has been living with Wang, Wang raised. Now Lee asked Wang divorce, and asked to raise Li Moujia. Wang also expressed willingness to divorce, but for the upbringing of Li Moujia raised requirements, it means to respect the child’s meaning, if Li Moujia is willing to live with their own, they are willing to continue to raise the Li Moujia. Li Moujia said he often see mother Lee, willing to follow a common life following his father. Lee is not willing to feel that Li Moujia and Wang did not have a blood relationship, Wang has no right to raise their daughter. Wang believes that he and Li Moujia although not related, but living together for many years, has set up the deep feelings of his daughter, married for many years, basically is Wang in the care of Li Moujia, Li Moujia is also called "father", Wang Wang Burenxinkan Lee Lee suffered a follow. This caused a dispute over custody of Li Moujia. According to the provisions of article twenty-seventh of the marriage law of our country: "there should be no abuse and discrimination between the parents and the children. The relevant provisions of this Law on the relationship between parents and children shall apply to the rights and obligations of the step father or step mother and the children who have been raised and educated by them." Thus, although the parents and the no real kinship between children, the law is not a mandatory requirement after the parents have raised following the child’s obligations, but if the parents and children form a dependency relationship between the relevant provisions, then the relation between them is the relationship between parents and children for the. In the case of Wang Li from a 1 year old began to care for Li Moujia, in fact, has formed a dependency relationship, Li Moujia said on the premise to follow Wang live together, Wang can continue to raise Li Moujia.相关的主题文章: