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As the ultimate driving BMW M4 GTS car car Sohu – Sohu [figure] agency before BMW officially released its M4 GTS models, the new car is equipped with a 3.0L turbocharged with water injection system of the inline six cylinder engine, and has many lightweight design, had a record 7 28 seconds at the Nurburgring North track, called the strongest BMW M4. The car plans to sell 700 units, China will not exceed the quota of 20 vehicles. Appearance: BMW M4 GTS based on M4 build, compared to M4 with the new aerodynamic package, including the exaggeration of the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, titanium exhaust system and the large size of the fixed rear spoiler. Manual transmission models and M4 front M4 GTS compared to not much change, black varnish grille with matte paint looks. Headlight styling is consistent with M4, full LED light source is also essential. In addition, the rearview mirror adopts the aerodynamic design, which can play a very good role. M4 GTS front bumper along also increased the carbon fiber spoiler, spoiler in below there is a Aluminum Alloy adjustable structure. The car wheels for forging Aluminum Alloy material, the style is very cool, the tire is used from Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, wheel size is 26535 ZR19, the rear wheel size is 28530 ZR20. M4 GTS tail adding a carbon fiber tail collocation, body side sharp lines, looks full of fighting spirit. The tail of the car and M4 models also adopted the diffuser of carbon fiber and titanium alloy on both sides of a total of four exhaust pipe. Taillight group also uses a stronger sense of three-dimensional OLED light source, the visual effect of science and technology. Interior, M4 GTS uses a lot of Alcantara material, full of fighting atmosphere. Three steering wheel with small size, excellent grip, and a function button and shift paddles. The instrument adopts four dial BMW traditional style design, the highest scale 330km h on the speedometer revealed its aggressive, LCD display mechanical dial below the irregular shape characteristic. The dismantling of the traditional car leather seats, replaced with a lightweight carbon fiber bucket car seat, and is equipped with six point safety belt; the rear seat is completely dismantled and used as a substitute for lightweight gold rollcage, fire extinguishers and six point safety belt. Power, the car is equipped with a high power 3.0L twin turbo inline six cylinder engine, maximum power of 500 horsepower, a maximum torque of 600 cattle · meters, and equipped with the latest BMW water jet technology, can better enhance the power output of the engine, reduce engine knock. The transmission system, BMW M4 GTS is equipped with a 7 speed dual clutch gearbox, the official nominal 0-100km h acceleration time of 3.8 seconds, compared to the existing M4 coupe.相关的主题文章: