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Fashion-Style From relatively humble beginnings as a window dresser in Milan to the now world-renowned fashion empire which encompasses almost everything from clothing to boutique hotels, the name Giorgio Armani has become synonymous with design which combines relaxed, classically Italian chic with the ultra fashionable. After a career as a military doctor, Armani found his calling in the form of fashion and design, and following his work as a window dresser went on to become a buyer for the menswear department. Shortly afterwards, he began producing his own collections, which were noted for their clean lines and effortless glamour. The brand has since developed to include other collections such as A/X Armani exchange and Emporio Armani, and includes not only clothing but accessories, eyewear and Emporio Armani watches. Armani advertising campaigns became increasingly glamorous, and Hollywood has proved to be a valuable enhancement to Armanis already rising success, from the early advertising campaigns featuring Richard Gere in the 1980 film American Gigolo, to the most recent advertisement with Megan fox. Giorgio Armani himself is quoted as having said, I design for real people. I think of our customers all the time. There is no virtue whatsoever in creating clothing or accessories that are not practical. In a sense, this is almost a mission statement: to make a decisive move away from the elite catwalks towards more wearable solutions for customers which would still embody the essence of Armani as a designer. This statement remains true in the form of Emporio Armani watches. Armani watches were introduced in 1996 after the opening of both a four-storey flagship store and an Emporio Armani store in Manhattan. Mens Armani watches, like the AR0181 with its robust stainless steel design were quicker to develop than womensEmporio Armani watches, which were only added to in 2008, with newer, more ultra feminine design features such as bracelet or bangle designs rather than the traditional watch strap. In 2009, Armani went further, and created a bangle-style Emporio Armani watches crafted from a single piece of resin, with a small circular dial face. Many of the original designs for Emporio Armani watches are still in production today. The classic design features which have helped to shape Armani as one of the most distinctive fashion houses in the world have proved to be a major selling point with customers, and Armani watches are no exception. With their simple, elegant designs featuring the famous Armani eagle logo, Emporio Armani watches both women and mens Armani watches – are generally considered investment time pieces; beautiful, simple and elegant accessories which will not go out of fashion, as long as classical Italian style with a dash of contemporary chic remains in vogue. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: