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Apple and A shares of the story: every innovation is a feast of sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest 60 million Securities Times reporter Chen Jiannan said that if the innovation is a political arena, then the Apple Corp is not even the martial arts champion, is one of the few martial arts master. The martial arts arena. Ultimately, the glint and flash of cold steel, vague and general. If you unfortunately become a martial opponent, perhaps waiting for you is to bring forth the new through the old Yangtze River; if you are lucky and martial talk about a love, not only your skills may be improved, rivers and lakes will also began to spread your story. As one of the world’s greatest, the highest market capitalization of listed companies, the story of the rise of Apple has been mentioned numerous times. However, the reporter’s story, apple and A shares is vague and general. With Apple’s electronic consumer products all over the world, after a fight veteran martial NOKIA gradually retreat, apple became the new leader of intelligent mobile phone. With the new main host, touch screen, TFT panel, PCB board, lithium batteries and other small brothers also thrive in the lakes. A stock market naturally can not miss this wave of agitation, for this particular set of apple (884116), so that the hot pursuit index leader pace, not eating meat can also drink soup. Apple index since June 4, 2012, the cumulative increase of more than 240%, far more than the same period last year, the market rose (only 33%), also more than the gem refers to the same period rose (to be 202%). Small brothers did more stories, such as touch screen manufacturers LEYBOLD tech from 2008 to 2010, the highest up 20 times, and then from 2010 to 2016 the most fell 85%, reflects the history of the rise and fall of the touch screen industry; for example, the story of a stronger blue CISCO technology listed early as the gem stock market is the highest, now in the leader has declined under the background, have a significant impact on performance. It is also apple, apple also. However, more and more small brothers have come to realize that rivers and lakes can not only a big brother. By Apple fortune little brothers began to go on "hold new thigh" way. In order to Angela technology as an example, once from Apple’s business was half, now is the development of the domestic intelligent mobile phone customers and new energy business orders, in order to reduce the influence of customer concentration on the performance of the company. Although many small brothers in deliberately played down the influence of apple, but when the chief leader issued a warrant, who dare not from? With the upcoming Apple products, apple stocks in the A stock market wenjiqiwu. Both the PCB board, touch screen business ultrasonic electronic two trading days rose 15.97%, or top ranked Apple concept recently; lithium battery sunwoda shares nearly two trading days or up to 9.34%, ranked second. In addition, EPI precision, DESAY battery, Suzhou goodark, GoerTek shares and other stocks rose more than 5%. From the performance of the year, EPI precision rose 30.02%, or top ranked; Ou Feiguang rose 21.73%, ranked second on相关的主题文章: