Another way to surprise street photography unconventional shooting skills candle june

Another way to surprise street photography unconventional shooting skills from good friends online wearing low-key clothing, take as much as possible small equipment, constantly wandering in the city in the high streets and back lanes. Yes, this is a street photographer’s most basic daily, relying on the above points, the general can take a full sense of the street photography. But you are aware of, in other words, with the above techniques of street shooting, is not able to cope with all situations. On the contrary, sometimes, the outsider is "another way but can diabolic tricks and wicked craft" play a more effective role. Today we’re going to talk about the unconventional shooting techniques of street photography. Special note: all images in this article are from the network. Correct just "beauty" mentality since it is a non conventional technique in another way, then enter the combat before, we also need a little unconventional attitude to blessing for his shooting activities. There are many kinds of beauty, or say, how to define the United States, depends on each person’s point of view, a moment. Maybe it’s just a color, some kind of dislocation, an expression, mood, atmosphere, light. Many friends just started shooting when street photography is love to shoot some beautiful shots, but later in the streets in many places will feel very boring, no special person, no beautiful light, no spectacular building, inadvertently will be past learning experience or in the cognition of "beauty" limit your imagination. In fact, try to place a place where the boredom of the explosion to try to feel the atmosphere, try to see the worth of the details of the people to press the shutter, but also to capture the beauty of the moment. However, if you simply think that "beauty" refers to sexy, beautiful or delicate things, it is recommended that you should consider fashion photography. Street photography is not the pursuit of gorgeous light and Shadow Photography theme, but with their own different angles to find a different. Street photography is the true picture, some even some real ugly or hateful, but as long as it is true, we think it is a masterpiece. As for beauty is not beautiful, is the main research subjects of the aesthetic researchers. Give up walking around the street is generally considered to be constantly moving around, in fact, you have to keep moving around to observe the opportunity to have more opportunities to find objects or scenes. But moving around will bring a new problem, that is, you can not walk around the composition. The streets are changing, and if you keep walking around, you can’t see it clearly. But when you are still, you will have a faster response to the unexpected. Can keep the body stable in the brain to decide whether to stop the save time. There is a street photographer to shoot the faces of people usually go to the opposite direction of the crowd, but the opposite direction to walk toward the crowd will be more difficult to seize the sudden shot or a face, the need to master through for a long time to practise, otherwise you just keep walking and missed the opportunity to shoot. The focus of this technique is to slow down, stop and go, when you think it might be some interesting points of a photo opportunity.相关的主题文章: