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Android mobile phone Chinese optimization attention enterprises, whether the standard apple? – Sohu technology recently, the domestic mobile phone brand in the global market sales performance is quite brisk. HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, millet accounted for the global mobile phone sales ranking of third to sixth. Once, I asked what we are using mobile phone brand in "rock sound" readers, and Android’s friends have used Caton, slow startup, high power consumption, application of Luantan news, WeChat started slow experience. My group of friends who use the phone almost covers HUAWEI, glory, millet, OPPO, MOTO and other domestic mobile phone brands. They are consistent feedback, and now the overall experience of the Android system is much better than before, but the card will be used for a long time the problem has not been resolved. For Android’s domestic mobile phone brand based on the most experience is not a group of friends, is not Caton, fever. In contrast, Apple’s mobile phone system is the most smooth, which is a lot of Apple’s mobile phone users do not want to replace Android’s main reason. So, why Android system fluency is always less than iOS? First, iOS smooth because of the combination of hard and soft". Apple has built a completely closed ecosystem, with iPhone iPad as the core, its iOS, chip, APP Store are closed. The benefits of Apple’s independent design is closed OS, chips and application rights, which can be based on the most basic systems, software, hardware co optimization system. At present, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, in addition to HUAWEI kylin series chip with independent research and development, other mobile phone companies are using Qualcomm, MediaTek chips, so it is difficult to achieve the "flex" system optimization, resource allocation. The software can be used for real-time dynamic scheduling of CPU, GPU, I O and other resources, and different applications can be differentiated. In this fair resource scheduling strategy, can be a good solution to the application of the more open the more slowly the status quo. But the authority of iOS compared to Android is more strict, the application of self starting, resident background, reading position, read contact, networking, push message and other kinds of permissions are strictly controlled, make the application more standardized operation, greatly enhance the fluency of the mobile phone, reduce power consumption. In order to solve this problem, mobile phone manufacturers must be open to the depth of the Android system optimization, thereby improving the phone’s fluency, software experience. Secondly, some manufacturers lack of system optimization capabilities, or still sell hardware thinking, do not focus on system optimization. Android is a free, open system, the advantage is that the use of low-cost, developers can use more permissions. The problem is also followed, that is the application of a comprehensive open permissions, leading many developers want to apply more to stay in the background, read contacts, location, recording, camera, etc.. Therefore, the mobile phone brand manufacturers need to optimize the system to limit the use of these permissions, thereby enhancing the user experience. At the same time, in order to ensure that the sales of mobile phone is not a machine side, with the brand’s own characteristics, must also be.相关的主题文章: