Andouble plans to visit Cuba, Japan intends to exempt the debt of 120 billion yen 残清1864

Andouble plans to visit Cuba from ancient Japan intends to 120 billion yen debt – Beijing, Beijing, September 12, according to Japanese media reports, several sources said, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo decided to waive Cuba about 120 billion yen (about 7 billion 800 million yuan) of debt, equivalent to about 180 billion yen debt all 2/3. Reported that Andouble plans in late as Prime Minister of Japan for the first time to visit Cuba, plans to announce the meeting with the Cuban State Council president, Raul, to be announced at the time of the meeting in September. The Japanese side believes that the huge debt has become a new economic cooperation between the two countries to promote and Japanese enterprises to enter the Cuban market barriers, it is necessary to cut. China News Agency reporter Wang Jun photo " src=" cnsupload big 2016 4-426 36014834ead646eba52bae6ed803b892.jpg" title=" data figure: Japanese Prime Minister, Abe Shinzo, 09-06. China News Agency reporter Wang Jun photo " > data figure: Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. China News Agency reporters Wang Jun and Abe Abe’s visit to Cuba schedule will be adjusted according to the United States to attend the United Nations General Assembly’s agenda. If the debt problem is expected to be resolved, Japan plans to adopt the government development assistance (ODA) to implement large-scale yen loan projects, etc., through the support of Cuba to improve infrastructure construction, benefit from the country’s economic development. Andouble is expected to meet with President Castro will be held in November in Tokyo, the exchange of economic reform in Cuba, the two sides of the joint meeting of officials and civilians to reach agreement on the. Data figure: Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. China News Agency reporter Wang Jian photo of Cuba’s debts to Japan about 180 billion yen, mainly Japanese exports to Cuba a commodity part of unpaid, and delayed repayment period of about 30 years of loan interest etc.. Since last year, Japan and Cuba through Liberal Democratic Party members, the president of the Cuban friendship Council, Furuya Keiji, President of the United States continued to negotiate debt relief. On the exemption of about 60 billion yen debt, the Japanese side to consider providing support in the form of deferred payment. Cuba has rich mineral resources and tourist resources in the last year after a lapse of 54 years, with the resumption of diplomatic relations. Countries are actively entering the Cuban market. U.S. President Obama visited Cuba in March this year.相关的主题文章: