Aluminum poison steamed stuffed bun small restaurants will be appeared caused by long-term

Aluminum poison steamed stuffed bun small restaurants will be caused by memory loss appeared in order to make its own steamed stuffed buns appearance, soft texture and long-term consumption, Zhejiang Yiwu a breakfast shop owner Lumou to bun to add the aluminum containing baking powder, and long-term consumption of this kind of dumpling or cause harm to human body such as memory loss. 26, Washington reporter from Zhejiang Province, Yiwu City Public Security Bureau, Lumou suspicion of producing and selling poisonous food in Japan before taken away by public security officers. Since this year, Yiwu City, the relevant departments to increase the breakfast food safety supervision, to carry out a series of special rectification actions, supervision and sampling in the previous Lumou selling dumplings were detected using aluminized baking powder". The first time the staff informed of this situation, and the warning is not allowed in the steamed stuffed bun, Steamed Buns add aluminized baking powder". However, Lumou ignored in the sampling of the local police, Lumou made bun was still detected in the use of aluminum containing baking powder". The food and drug ring brigade police investigation found the lockers, then still haven’t finished a aluminum baking powder, and the trash at the door also found two bags of waste bags. The face of the evidence, Lumou admitted in the small cage containing "illegal facts add baking powder bag. It is reported that adding aluminized baking powder will make Steamed Buns, such as pasta, fluffy buns. Long term consumption, which can lead to the loss of aluminum components of memory, and even suffer from Alzheimer’s disease". In May 14, 2014, the State Planning Commission and other five departments issued a joint announcement that since July 1st of that year, the production of wheat flour and its products should not be used in aluminum potassium sulfate and ammonium aluminum sulfate. It is understood that this year, the Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly with other relevant departments of the breakfast shop illegally added aluminized baking powder to conduct investigation, more than and 10 small restaurants, small workshops were sold "aluminum buns" more than 10 operators, for producing and selling "aluminum steamed bun", "Al Steamed Buns jingfangxingju. The min and Wang has been sentenced to 7 months and fined 5000 yuan. For the case, the police in further investigation.相关的主题文章: