Alexander Mcqueen2012 Winter Haute Couture Show Released

Arts-and-Entertainment alexander mcqueen sale Sarah Burton is not in the traditional brand in front of fear, but she chose the press conference held Antoinette La Conciergerie prison, is also Alexander, Lee "McQueen, was released in a alexander mcqueen shirt famous fashion show place, a wolf took to T stage (the wolf ate tranquilizers or vicious dog, anyway, all kind of terrible). No such hazards, but the flickering neon lights reminiscent of McQueen’s "mental hospital" conference theme – The Snow Queen and her palace – followed the cold atmosphere of the year McQueen. More marked in the invitation heritage outline to emphasize this point. Burton brand aesthetic, profound understanding, only to learn from the surface layer, to create the shape of the 36 sets of custom levels, demonstrating a pure brand of aesthetics. It is no exaggeration! A chaotic background, the media are eager to congratulate the designer can only find time to use one word to describe the starting point, "ice". But in fact so cold, Burton kind of boundaries hazy soft fur side from the hem, cuffs and rotator cuff. If it is not fur, blur the lines is the flash of black dry yarn. (So ??extravagant handwriting, it is hard to ignore the recent Kate Middleton, select the brand for her custom wedding rumors) However, this is not a real world garment that is not the point. The feeling is alexander mcqueen skull more like the Burton remind the world that she is not the continuation of McQueen DNA itself is the McQueen DNA. Therefore, the classic outline and the Lightness silk black dry yarn drag the garment, or undulating chiffon, or harness straps are showing the calm magnanimity. Momentum (calm), the dress is a garment body is made of porcelain pieces, a burst of the bubble-like black dry gauze placed. McQueen I are going to be to join a trace of undisguised violence. But here, quiet as on. For the future in terms of the princess who, it may be a wise choice. Said of Prospero (metaphor Karl Lagerfeld) Chanel little water for witchcraft, a symbol of the beginning of the day; Alexander McQueen staged underwater magic, on behalf of this day is not the same end. Lagerfeld’s models, a fairy; by Sarah Burton, the model, a goddess. Her clothing line this season, the basis of the three G: a G Grs (French custom brand, specializes in pleated), she was brought there from Grs pleating and draping; the second G is Gaudi (Gaudi, Spanish architect), she was brought here from Gaudi architectural features; third G is Gaia (Mother Earth, Gaia, in Greek mythology, the god of the earth), she brought the marine life here from Gaia inclusive sense of all this feeling deeply rooted in the clothing of the T stage: for example, a suit by the coral and shells, or decorated with patterns of the barnacle is extremely delicate Matelasi jacquard fabric, or printed alexander mcqueen online oyster pattern hierarchical threaded ring chiffon (this is only the beginning, the pattern is complex yet). If you continue to do analog, black applique, a lace dress, like an oil slick; and woven with copper wire, silver wire and gold, with Fu Teng satisfied pleated organza, like The pirates buried the treasure. Details of the costumes were designed and production, and beautiful enough to make the dress itself eclipsed. In this situation, did Lee McQueen who happened many times. However, Sarah Burton has already won unanimous praise by virtue of their femininity, this femininity, but also significantly enhance the style of this series of clothing. Waist high raised, exaggerated empire line (high waist) pleated, with the model’s footsteps up and down, "like jellyfish swim in the sea to swim," she said. The most eye-catching design is a set of apricot yellow skirt, which is also the designer’s favorite. Similarly, in her view, the design of triangular skirt as in swimming. Another dress, and gowns, pale, fragile, like a wave rolling forward. alexander mcqueen bag However, the release proved that close contact between her and McQueen’s brand design core. Was the same with the shell internal translucent palette, reveals a clear and unmistakable; this, McQueen I may feel should be broken in some way. She also introduction of a suitable smooth black leather, this black leather, like the Trans-out from the shiny scales of fish, fierce barracuda – a symbol of the spirit of her former mentor. She never can get rid of his influence, it seems that she do not want to get rid of from…alexandermcqueenshoe.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: