Alert! Messi is not a little hurt. Argentina is very worried-bree daniels

Alert! Messi is not minor aches and pains are extremely worried about [information] Barcelona Argentina Uruguay official announced that Messi will play out in Venezuela west media said Messi is not Messi alive preliminaries minor aches and pains of sports Tencent in September 4th to return to the Argentina national team of outstanding performance, the first show staged in Uruguay against the enemy in the game winner to help Argentina become the South American leader. But Messi, the game was Daishang operations, he also missed the game and then venezuela. According to Spanish media "Aspen" news, Messi’s injury to Basa (official data) club very worried. Messi in the hundred years after the defeat of the Copa America final had announced its withdrawal from the Argentina national team, which caused a great disturbance, but he chose to work again for the Argentina team, and has a good performance against Uruguay. But this time Messi is fighting, he said at the end of the game after very hurt your pubis, Argentina coach Bauza said Messi injured local inflammation. "Aspen" cover media had previously claimed Messi at Barcelona and Bill Bach racing has been injured, but he still insisted on returning to the national team, "you know, I always want to be with the team together". But for the sake of safety, the Argentina team to let Messi do not participate in the game and Venezuela, he was in the team for two days after the resumption of training, will return to barcelona. Barcelona will face the devil race, the club is unfavorable, Messi’s injury may need to rest for a period of time, "Aspen" said Barcelona to Argentina’s injury is very worry. Pubic inflammation is not uncommon in professional players, although it is not a serious injury, but the treatment is more complex, and players will be a strong sense of pain, it takes some time to recover. Paris Saint Germain Italy midfielder Vilati because of the absence of osteitis pubis this summer in France, the European Cup, he announced in a few months after conservative treatment failed to undergo surgery. In fact, the Barcelona team doctor had warned Messi to injury in the body need to be careful, it is best to avoid the long flight to Argentina to participate in the competition, but he refused medical advice still choose to return to the national team. The next Barcelona will continue to participate in the Champions League, La Liga, the devil race is a huge challenge for Messi if he recovered from the injury is not war, is likely to lead to deterioration. This season Messi state well, if because of injury reasons of long-term absence, Barcelona and Argentina’s national team will be a huge loss. (Gerd)相关的主题文章: