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Introduction Pre-booking airport parking is quick and easy and saves you money, you can print out your airport parking voucher from the website or receive an instant email as confirmation. Find the same airport parking service for less, within 7 days of booking and well match the price or refund the difference. Airport parking can be booked on the day of travel. Depending upon the airport of your choice both on and off airport parking options are usually available. When parking at Heathrow, Manchester, Gatwick, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Birmingham a choice of more than one off airport car park is also available. Off airport car parks are at a substantial discount .pared to parking on airport. An off airport car park can sometimes be has much has 50% cheaper than an airport drive on price. Our on airport prices are also cheaper because they are pre booked are also much cheaper than the drive on price. Regular transfers to and from the airport operate 24 hours a day at each car parking facility. The Best UK Airport Car Parks Holiday Extras offers car parks that are on site at the airport and off airport at 24 UK airports. You won’t find a better deal when you pre-book a parking space at any of the 36 secured airport car parks. Security All car parks, which we are associated with, have 24 hour manned security and high security fencing. The Chief Police Officers Association has accredited most of the car parks for security, which requires a rigorous annual inspection and CCTV is now widely used. Technology The internet and use of data bases has transformed the industry. Prior to .puters the number of cars in the car park was calculated on a manual basis which when you consider that cars are arriving and departing every day at different times and with varying lengths of stay was a nightmare to calculate. To add to this customers would be forward booking for their summer holidays as far back as January and a considerable number of cancellations would arise. The car parks in those days virtually hand counted at the beginning of the week and then simply added and subtracted for the .ing week. Unfortunately outgoing flights pick up your returning customers and whilst figures at midnight may balance inevitably at stages throughout the day cars were left in lanes until they could be parked away later in the day. Now days .puters can take into account of traffic flows on virtually an hourly basis although delayed flights can ruin the best-laid plans. Damage to Vehicles Customers using airport car parks are vulnerable to the capabilities of other members of the public. Cars are continually arriving and departing the airport car park and clearly the airport cannot be held responsible for damage to a car or even theft of a vehicle. Most off airport car parks; park the cars themselves and that results in a substantial reduction in accidents. The staff are used to parking cars in tight spaces and with no other movements to worry about damage is minimal. Some Parking at UK Airports Gatwick Airport Parking One of the UK’s most popular airports, find the right holiday parking to suit your needs. Book in advance to get the best price – the price for airport parking goes up as you get closer to your departure date. Heathrow Airport Parking UK’s busiest airport but the cheapest airport car parking prices in the business. Stansted Airport Parking A popular holiday starting point to match your budget Birmingham Airport Parking Discounts and special offers are the order of the day at Birmingham Airparks Services and Chauffeured Parking service certainly will help you save time and money. Liverpool John Lennon Airport Parking Convenient Liverpool airport car parking close to the terminal for less than the car park’s normal gate rate. Bristol Airport Parking Low car parking prices – Enjoy the convenience of flying from Bristol airport as well as our Best prices for airport parking Airport Parking FAQ Why is a week calculated as 8 days and two weeks calculated as 15 days? Charges are made from midnight on a 24 hour basis and the daily charge made by the car park is per whole or part day, regardless of arrival time. Is there an extra discount for booking more than one car at a time? No. Our prices are per vehicle and are already at a discounted rate What does Gate price mean? This is the daily rate charged by the car park. This can fluctuate and is subject to change. How do I book disabled parking? Click on the product name or the I icon for details on the availability screen. I only require 4 days parking by the price quotes a minimum of 8. What does this mean? There is a minimum amount payable for parking. 4 days can be booked and used, but there is a minimum charge payable for 8 days. 相关的主题文章: