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80 couples do winery   a wine popular webcast (Figure) – Sichuan Channel – original title: 80 couples do a live network popular wine winery (map) the couple live in the brewing process of Gongjing District of Zigong city leaves town, a pair of 80 small husband and wife quit work outside the home business. With the highly sought after the webcast, the young couple are in initial stage on the brewing process of the winery will broadcast 24 hours, users accept supervision. Entrepreneurship: 80 college home run winery with 80 He Jialin, Lin Ailian and his wife are university students, graduated from the Sichuan University of Science and Engineering biological technology and application. After graduation, two people applied for a winery in Qionglai after a period of work, and back to Lin Ailian’s hometown of Zigong to do furniture business. In the next two years, the two people took care of their business closely, making 1 and 200 thousand yuan a year. With the passage of time, taking into account the two people are married, in the family’s suggestion, they turn off the furniture store, use their own professional advantage from the office of the winery. Preparations began in March 2015, and wineries officially opened in October 1, 2015. Winery siting Lin Ailian’s hometown. The choice of wine, Lin Ailian said: first, she and her husband are brewing professional learning, after graduation to work in the winery has accumulated a lot of experience for the wine is hundreds of times; secondly, the two sides have engaged in wine in the family elders, can give guidance. In Zigong City Gongjing District leaves town, the way will be able to smell a fragrance of wine lees. He Jialin and his wife Lin Ailian founded a small winery located in the town of import and export position. Lin Ailian introduced her winery is mainly producing Xiaoqu liquor brewing process using sorghum wine fragrance, from the opening date, the winery monthly output of about a ton, the traditional sales, customers are mostly surrounding residents, a year down, turnover can reach 400 thousand yuan. Liquor brewed wine: innovation will be webcast in order to facilitate the management and safety, in the beginning of construction, the winery door, production workshop and Office installed monitoring system. In March this year, Lin Ailian couple found the online live fire, he whim, the camera used to access the network monitoring, the process of winery wine do live. "The wine process live, in addition to fun, but also to allow users to monitor the meaning." Lin Ailian said, in the process of operation, a lot of people on the quality of suspicion and speculation attitude, considering this, she will monitor the access network workshop, users can watch the real-time situation of 24 hour workshop. After the rise of the network live wine, many netizens actively contact Lin Ailian to buy wine, so far, sold liquor about two hundred kilograms through the network. Lin Ailian said, the way to live webcast is not to expand sales, mainly to prove that their own wine is truly pure handmade brewing. "At present, the winery is mainly based on traditional sales; network marketing is still in the water test stage, the customer is not much, the next step to expand." Not long ago, the couple signed up 80后夫妻办酒厂 灵机一动网络直播酿酒走红(图)–四川频道–人民网 原标题:80后夫妻办酒厂 灵机一动网络直播酿酒走红(图)   夫妇俩直播酿酒过程   在自贡市贡井区艾叶镇,一对80后的小夫妻辞掉外面的工作回乡创业。随着网络直播的备受追捧,还在创业阶段的年轻夫妇俩灵机一动,将酒厂的酿酒过程进行24小时直播,接受网友的监督。   创业:80后大学生回家办酒厂   同为80后的何佳林、林爱莲夫妇是大学同学,毕业于四川理工学院生物技术及应用专业。毕业后,二人应聘到邛崃一酒厂工作一段时间后,又回到林爱莲的老家自贡做家具生意。在随后的两年时间里,两人把生意打理的紧紧有条,每年都能挣到1、20万元。随着时间的推移,同时考虑到两人即将结婚生子,在家人的建议下,他们关掉了家具店,利用自己的专业优势办起了酒厂。   2015年3月开始筹备,2015年10月1日,酒厂正式开业。酒厂选址林爱莲的老家。之所以选择酿酒,林爱莲称:第一,她和丈夫都是学习的酿造专业,毕业后在酒厂工作也积累了很多经验,对于酿酒是轻车熟路;其次,双方家族中,都有从事酿酒的长辈,能充分给予指导。   在自贡市贡井区艾叶镇,老远就能闻到一股酒糟的香味。何佳林与妻子林爱莲创办的小酒厂就位于场镇进出口位置。林爱莲介绍,她的酒厂主要是采用小曲酒酿造工艺酿造清香型高粱酒,从开业至今,酒厂每月产量一吨左右,目前以传统销售为主,客户大多都是周边的居民,一年下来,营业额也能达到40万元。   酿制的白酒   创新:酿酒过程也能网上直播   为了方便管理和保障安全,在建厂之初,酒厂的门前、生产车间以及办公室内都安装了监控系统。今年3月,林爱莲夫妇俩发现网上的“直播”很火,便突发奇想,把监控用的摄像头接入网络,将酒厂内酿酒的过程做直播。   “将酿酒过程直播,除了好玩之外,也有让网友监督的意思。”林爱莲称,在经营过程中,很多人都对酒的品质持怀疑和猜测态度,考虑到这一点,她将生产车间的监控接入网络,网友们便可24小时观看生产车间内的实时情况。   网络直播酿酒全程兴起后,不少网友主动联系林爱莲买酒,至今,通过网络售出白酒约两百斤。林爱莲说,采用网络直播的方式并不是为了扩大销售,主要是为了证明自家酒是真正的纯手工酿造。“目前,酒厂以传统销售为主;网销还在试水阶段,客户还不多,下一步再进行拓展。”   不久前,夫妇俩报名参加了自贡市的“创业大赛”。对于未来的发展,林爱莲表示,酒厂的定位是年轻人喝的酒,为了迎合年轻人的口味,她们正在研究混合酒香和果香型白酒,打造特有的健康与品质并存的酒品。(记者 徐昭磊 摄影报道) (责编:袁菡苓、高红霞)相关的主题文章: