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Aviation Nature Paths is a Mumbai, Indian centered .pany. It functions hotels and camping locations at 5 places in Maharashtra. It is in the business for the last 20 decades. Mr H.K.Divekar and his family own nature Paths. Its objective is "To recognize untouched places having nature and encounter travel and enjoyment potential, to offer there vacationer features of a pre described conventional and to convert them into locations, profitably".About the Location Tapola is a small industry city on the backwaters of Stream Koyna near Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, Indian. The street finishes at Tapola. It is at an elevation of 2659 ft above sea level. Beyond the industry is a amazing the water whole body concluding 70 kms later in the large Koyna Nagar dam and hydro electric Venture. While going up the down the spinning ghat from Mahabaleshwar to achieve Tapola, you wonder whether you are saying farewell to the awesome and enjoyable environment of Mahabaleshwar. But you are pleased when you remain at the camping. The elements here is always excellent due to the use of the huge the water whole body. When the dam at Koyna Nagar was designed in the 60s, a lot of the local inhabitants was removed resulting in extensive anger and loss of farmlands. However over the last 40 decades a new the water economic system has designed due to the variety of the the water. One gold coating of the whole process was the wonderful virgin mobile Koyna Haven. This breathtaking woodlands is overflowing with Buffalo, Crazy Boar, Leopard and a lot of other creatures. Being un-accessible by street has left much of its virginity unchanged. Vasota citadel is another amazing travel in the place moving through virgin mobile jungles. Facilities Nature Paths have recognized a amazing river camping at Town Ahir. Ahir is available only by vessel from Tapola (10 minutes). The place of the camping is amazing with wonderful pond opinions throughout. Its a full service tented camping offering an excellent back to nature encounter. This means that there is no power at the camping. The elements is such that lovers and a/cs are not needed even in summer season. The night illumination is taken care of using gaslights. There is no long lasting development or framework in the camping. Tourists/ Visitor remain in the amazing camp tents. There are proper cleanse bathrooms and bathrooms with 24 hours flowing the water. The cusine platforms in the dining-room are set with rock remaining from the building of the en.passing forehead. The camping is as ecofriendly as can be.The camping is shut during the monsoon year (June to September) and the area on which the camping appears is used for farming. Activities Kayaking and Kayaking is the major encounter action here. Wine-tastings and canoeing is simple enough yet needs some strategy and a times time to expert. The long but couch potatoes the water whole body at Tapola makes it an perfect place to learn and relish the game. Windsurfing is an action that needs a instructor and some hard exercise. Qualified volunteers can educate you to windsurf over 2 3 times. Angling and Sportfishing are both excellent enjoyment actions you could do at the river. Water Motorcycle Trips are fascinating trips even your kids can appreciate. You could even drive all the way to close by Vasota citadel, a 40 moments fascinating drive where you will see the amazing attractiveness of Tapola and its environment. This is drive is so picturesque that you will have to touch yourself about being in Maharastra and not in Kashmir Rappelling, area traversing and hiking and Hill Bike riding, Nature Paths signature actions can be done in Tapola too. Trekking through the virgin mobile woodlands in the Vasota creatures sanctuary can be an enhancing encounter with a professional information in tow. Nature Paths offer the books and equipment for all the actions above. Getting There and Away From Mahabaleshwar take the Tapola Way to achieve Tapola. At Tapola recreation area your car/ vehicle in the vehicle car recreation area of the Tapola Boat Team Hire a vessel to go to Town Ahir across the stream. At Ahir stroll up to identify the entry to the camping. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: