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[about] South West Lake and the rain, as the Sohu Jiangnan tourism woman’s light and heavy make-up memory, the memory is in Hangzhou; Temple months for laurel, energy-saving, when more revisited? Jiangnan, Jiangnan Yi, bingshen Mid Autumn Festival, when I once again came to the West Lake in Hangzhou, my heart has been ear, Mr. Bai Letian’s song "southern", the lingering The tune lingered in the room.,… Fifteen… Sixteen round moon, it is said that this year is the seventeen round, the Mid Autumn Festival on the same day, the city of Chongqing has been it was raining, the moon is not possible, so I decided to change a place to go to the moon, and the Hangzhou West Lake side of the "Moon over the Peaceful Lake in Autumn" and "Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon" is precisely the best place to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, so early in the morning of sixteen, hit fly straight to Hangzhou… In Jiangsu… In mid May this year, Changzhou "I tour Changzhou second season", thanks to the organizers of love, has been a "spread" award, the prize is Costa Crociere Selena, South Korea travel experience. Because of the time Selena is No. 19, starting Shanghai Wusong, therefore, we have three days ahead of the cruise experience before, go to the beautiful walk. Of the 16 early in the morning, two hours later arrived in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, remove the luggage, take the airport bus directly rushed to the east of Hangzhou. Soon, take the high-speed rail from Hefei to the daughter, then, the small Mid Autumn Festival holiday, we are a family of three in Hangzhou "family reunion". Remember the last time we went to Hangzhou in 2008, it went on for eight years, eight years, Japs was rushed to the side of the sea to go… "… to accumulate wealth, the gentle rural wealth", as one of the seven ancient capitals of Chinese in Hangzhou, we have been longing for, and don’t say she is beautiful the scenery and profound historical and cultural heritage, is some time ago here at the G20 summit in Hangzhou is to let fame. In those days, just the world-renowned "G20 summit" has just ended, and the famous "Qiantang River tide" and the upcoming, so during that time the city of Hangzhou is really overcrowded, hard to find a bed. Special thanks to friends in Hangzhou, "a cold residual", that we want to come to Hangzhou, immediately to help us find a unique in West Lake close distance "qingzhiwu" Inn stay, solve our as pressing danger is really "timely assistance," ah, too. Qingzhiwu is located in Hangzhou Ancient Jade Road on the north side, between the Zhejiang University campus and Jade Spring botanical garden, qingzhiwu has a long history, beautiful scenery, it is said that from the Jin Dynasty, there was the village, and Bai Juyi’s "Cham Cham Jade Spring color, long cloud", is recited this green Zhi Wu. Qingzhiwu intersection stands a piece by Liang Pingbo wrote the "qingzhiwu three characters of landscape stone, artificial lake" green willow pond "is that Wang rippling stone, there are large tracts of Lotus Lake, there are a few flowers open, the Lake Pavilion South Po Youjiang charm. Qingzhiwu here is said to have 176 farm houses, all were rebuilt, white walls and black tiles, flowers and vines, most of them are now folk guest!相关的主题文章: