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A song of ice and fire seventh season preview? Female politicians collective difficulties – Sohu on American HBO annual popular big drama "a song of ice and fire" end of the sixth season, there is no doubt that highlight the role of women, "the dragon mother" daenerys after the six season, finally led his troops to Westeros to restore the targaryen family glory, experienced continuous childless woman mourning was bereaved and queen cersei changed the traditional self-reliance is king, and sat down on the Iron Throne of the seven kingdoms, Winterfell Sansa finally get rid of "three stupid" name returned to hometown, tomboy AI Leah began a crossed his assassination the names on the list. The beginning of what is known as the "power of the game," the big drama eventually turned into a woman’s power game, dubbed the rise of women’s rights. But in reality the power field, in recent years, women’s forces have already begun ", with German Chancellor Merkel take cities and seize territory" in Europe, the new British Prime Minister Teresa and Chi Mei, in the presidency of Ma Lin Bon, President of the French national front. In South America is the current Chilean President Michel Bachelet, former president Christina of Argentina, and this year has just been impeached by the former president of Brazil Rousseff. In North America there is no doubt that Hilary is the pinnacle of power — the impact of the U.S. presidency, while in Asia have led Burma to the democratization of Aung San Suu Kyi, the history of Korea’s first female President Park Geun hye. The rise of women in the field of power is the proper meaning of gender equality between men and women, broke the ultra conservative in terms of gender discrimination, but the power of the game and not because of the participation of women will change the cruel reality. Daenerys is no longer a brother exchanged interests with others is no longer a bargaining chip, Sansa silly white sweet dream that when the queen, still need to face the face. As the main gold Germany survived the most difficult debt crisis, but the problem of refugees are split, Britain from Europe, the ruling coalition led by Merkel in the local elections on 2016 successive defeat. Two degree impact the presidency of Trump Sheila inside the spoiler, once have obvious advantages, but so far no results of the mail door become a time bomb on the Hilary campaign. Who once claimed to be "married" countries of South Korean President Park Geun hye intervention in bestie scandal seems to be with the national "divorce". If they will be regarded as "a song of ice and fire" of women, so they are who, while in 2016 the seventh quarter of next year will be the real drama rehearsal? Unmarried President Park Geun hye — the queen Regent cersei   Pu Jinhui and cersei there are too many similarities. First born, cersei Lannister, if not because of their female identity, will no doubt become the successor to his family. Pu Jinhui is the daughter of former president Pu Zhengxi. Pu Jinhui once described himself as "marry countries", and cersei is more like marry politics, has served his two sons, at the end of his personal battle. In the fate of a family, the mother of Pu Jinhui was assassinated and his father has died, cersei’s son and daughter also was assassinated. The plot is most similar to the reality.相关的主题文章: