A-share listed companies invest 595 billion 100 million yuan into the invisible speculation Bank Ins manbetx.cc

A shares of listed companies to invest 595 billion 100 million yuan into the invisible speculation Bank Insurance Real Estate heavyweights sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money newspaper reporter Ann Li Fen Guangzhou reported Nanjing followed by *ST B (200468.SZ) to sell real estate in Beijing Paul shell, September 22nd, cloud game Zhaopin (600602.SH) also announced the sale of a Shanghai real estate profits: recognition of the housing sales income of about 504 million yuan, deducting the book cost and period expense and taxes, confirm the transfer income of about 186 million yuan. The first half of this year, the cloud game net profit of 70 million 737 thousand and 300 yuan, less than half of real income, and the *ST B Nanjing real income move to stimulate the many financial professionals. "The recent price increases, the financial circle every day in the discussion of the property market shuabing." September 22nd, Beijing, a large private investment director on the twenty-first Century economic news reporter said. We do a new board of three companies on the emotion of the boss for so many years is far less than the company to buy suites. They rented the office in Shanghai, originally prepared to buy, and later chose to rent, save money to develop enterprises, the results of the enterprise just profitable, the house rose nearly ten million." Shanghai, a medium-sized brokerage mergers and acquisitions also said. In September 22nd, the real estate sector collective riots, A shares upside to 3042.31 points to. Among them, Jinke shares (000656.SZ) limit, Vanke A (000002.SZ) touch trading board, China calxon (000918.SZ), real estate (000736.SZ) and other real estate stocks rose over 5%. In the industry view, the sale of real estate companies can not only as a means of rapid increase in the price of the shell, but also affect its investment valuation. According to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter combing statistics, in addition to real estate and related industries, construction, trade and other enterprises, banks, insurance has become an invisible real estate gangster. 595 billion 100 million yuan investment in real estate with the rise in housing prices, the listed companies to invest in real estate investment affect its valuation? Investment real estate can affect the valuation of listed companies." The new value of the investment research director, fund manager Fan Bo pointed out that the real estate investment if the use of fair value, its valuation will be re evaluated annually, if prices rise, the fair value will be high, thus affecting its profits, thereby affecting the valuation. As we all know, the real estate business earnings generally have large investment in real estate, but other types of listed companies are also different degrees of the purchase of real estate for office, investment, etc.. Wind data show that the end of the two quarter of this year, A shares of listed companies have invested in real estate, a total of $595 billion 100 million to reach $1305. Among them, more than 10 billion yuan of investment real estate listed companies have more than $12, the highest is not housing prices, but China Ping An (601318.SH). At the end of the two quarter, China Ping An investment real estate up to $33 billion 429 million, followed by China Construction (601668.SH) is 32相关的主题文章: