A man in Jiaxing accidentally try to pick up key stolen car battery mkdv-02

A man in Jiaxing accidentally try to pick up key stolen car battery "I picked up a penny in the street and gave it to the policeman……" This song, influenced generations of people, as we all know, it is a kind of excellent traditional virtues, but the people of Anhui but because Zhou did not return the things picked up was brought to the police station. Even more surprising is that Zhou picked up is not money, but a key. "Lucky" to pick up the key "lucky" to open the lock of Zhou is the painter, usually is the basic for residential decoration. The morning of September 17th, Zhou in Jiaxing city art work, Zijin a family came at noon, he found the decoration with the tool stool disappeared. Because this is a new area, there are many households in the decoration, decoration workers sometimes borrow each tool, so Xiao Zhou from the 14 floor elevator to go to the stool from door to door. When he found the 5 floor, the stool could not be found, but found a key at the door of a house decorated with tenants. "As soon as I saw the key to the battery car, I picked it up. Looking around and nobody, I put the key in my pocket." The heart is not to want to Xiao Zhou to find the owner of the key, but a plan…… Xiao Zhou gave up searching for the tool stool, holding the key to the downstairs. He knew that this key is likely to be another renovation workers off, and the car is likely to stop in the property unified parking car battery shed. Xiao Zhou came to speed up the pace of the heart secretly shed, bypassing his car battery, once again, press the unlock button on the key. Dudu dudu……" The car sounded shrill alarm sound, but in Xiao Zhou is so sweet, the car found! Xiao Zhou will insert the key into the keyhole, start a car battery, then riding a cable car sped away. The robber back in Dunshou police caught Xiao Zhou to steal the car battery to the price of 500 yuan sold to a second-hand car shop. With the money he got, he ran for amusement and lost everything. On the other side, Lao Wang also called the police phone. Originally, Lao Wang indeed in the 5 floor decoration, the day he worked around 12 o’clock ready to go out to eat, on the way, he found his key missing. "I was worried that someone picked up my keys, stole my car battery, it will not be a coincidence, I ate lunch and then go to see my car shed, did not think it’s gone." Area police station received the alarm long water Wang after the transfer of the video monitoring field, and locked the suspect zhou. The very next day, Xiao Zhou had returned to the area ready to start, not into the corridor, was squatting on the side of the police arrested. After the trial, Xiao Zhou himself acknowledges the fact that illegal theft of electric vehicles, he also paid for their own behavior 12 days detention order cost.

嘉兴一男子无意捡到钥匙 挨个试盗走电瓶车“我在马路边捡到一分钱,把它交给警察叔叔手里边……”,这首歌影响了一代又一代人,大家都知道,拾金不昧是一种优良的传统美德,但是安徽人小周却因为没有交还捡到的东西被带进了派出所。更奇怪的是,小周捡到的并不是钱,而是一把钥匙。“幸运”地捡到钥匙 “幸运”地开对车锁小周是油漆工,平时基本都是为住宅做装修。9月17日上午,小周在嘉兴市区紫金艺境一户人家干活,临到中午,他发现装修用的工具凳不见了。因为这是个新小区,有很多住户同时在装修,装修工人有时候会相互借工具,于是小周从14楼坐电梯,挨家挨户地去找那把凳子。当他找到5楼的时候,凳子没找到,却在一户装修住户的大门口发现了一把钥匙。“我一看是电瓶车钥匙,就捡了起来。朝周围看看并没有人,我就把钥匙放进了兜里。”此时的小周内心想的并不是要找到钥匙的主人,而是其他一个计划……小周放弃了寻找工具凳,揣着钥匙直奔楼下。他心里清楚,这把钥匙很可能是另一名装修工人掉的,而车子很有可能就停在物业统一停放电瓶车的车棚里。内心窃喜的小周加快步伐来到车棚,绕开自己的电瓶车,一次一次地按下钥匙上的开锁键。“嘟嘟嘟……”一辆车子响起了刺耳的警报,但在小周听来却是如此“悦耳”,车子找到了!小周将钥匙插进锁孔,启动了电瓶车,然后骑着电瓶车扬长而去。笨贼再回案发地 遇蹲守民警被抓小周将偷来的电瓶车以500元的价格转卖给了一家二手电瓶车店。拿着换来的钱,他跑去打游戏消遣,输得精光。而另一边,失主老王也拨通了报警电话。原来,老王的确在5楼做装修,当天他干活到12点左右准备出去吃饭,途中他发现自己的钥匙不见了。“当时我就担心有人捡走我的钥匙,把我的电瓶车偷走,想想也不会这么巧,我就吃了午饭再去车棚看我的车,没想到真的不见了。”辖区长水派出所民警接到老王的报警后,调取了现场的视频监控,并锁定了嫌疑人小周。第二天,小周若无其事地又回到小区准备开工,还没进楼道,就被蹲守在一旁的民警抓获。经审讯,小周承认了自己盗窃电瓶车的违法事实,他也为自己的行为付出了治安拘留12天的代价。相关的主题文章: