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818: Peter Julie divorce cause children’s education Guangzhou daily news happy family are similar, unfortunate family each have their own misfortune. Angelina · and Brad · Julie; Peter the famous Hollywood lovers, carry the world’s pressure, endured the pain of the disease, but not this threshold crossed child education. 6 children, the 3 biological, the adoption of the 3, education is also likely to cause differences between husband and wife. On Monday, Julie filed a petition for divorce with Pitt, who demanded custody of 6 children. Foreign media because of this century couples break up "fryer", and the circle of friends to parents in that they broke up at the same time, pay more attention to the problems of education are. We should also look at their own children’s education? What lessons should we learn from? What lessons can be avoided? Planning Su raewyn reporter Zhang Suqin Guangzhou daily news playback – "for family health", Julie provided to Peter for divorce according to the report, Angelina · Julie on Monday has gone to Brad · Peter filed for divorce, and she has asked custody of 6 children, given the right to see peter. Julie issued a statement through a lawyer confirmed: the move is to the health of the family, she will not comment on the matter, and to protect the privacy of their families. Legal documents presented in the grounds of divorce as irreconcilable differences, the couple had been officially separated in September 15th two. Sources stressed that Julie felt very frustrated and unhappy". At present, many reported that their divorce is the main reason, Julie has great differences of opinion on the issue of Peter the way to educate their children, Julie could not bear Brad · Peter on child rearing style. Julie thinks Peter may be drunk, and he has anger management problems that can harm children. The news also revealed that there are no third people between the two. Pitt has been the first time to respond to the divorce, he said: "I feel very sad, but at this time the most important thing is the children’s happiness. I urge reporters in this special period to give them enough space, do not bother." 52 year old Pitt and Julie, aged 41, in 2004, when working together, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" sparks. 2005, Pitt and Aniston divorce, and come together, after more than and 10 years, Julie, the life of the 3 children, and adopted a total of 3. In 2012, the parents of 6 children announced their engagement, and held a wedding in 2014. In recent years, Julie out of the tent of meeting, that the next step will be to enter politics, while Pitt’s career is still in Hollywood, recently he and French actress Mary · Claudia in the film was rumored, let Julie difficult to accept. The American media also broke the news of Julie could not bear small cloth sucking marijuana and alcohol abuse, and drug abuse and irritability tendency, think he will pose a threat to children, which become the century lovers break up. Divorce news, a foreign media pointed out that Julie相关的主题文章: