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70 why the writer did not become a mainstay? Sohu reading the 70 writers in the prime of life, should be the mainstay of the literary world. But the reality is not the case. After 50, there are a lot of writers in the group of writers with a wide range of influence, the same is true in the 80 writers’ group after 60. When we talk about the 70 writers, it is difficult to name a few influential names, why? "Jiangnan" magazine invited a 80 after the writer (host in a cool), with her familiar with the 70 writers to talk about their generation of literary writing. A: how would you like to introduce yourself? Zhou Yi: Yi Zhou, novelist. Shi Yifeng: is the author, editor, write and read what people eat. The author of Guangxi University. Dong Jun: Dong Jun, 70 after the author. Qiao ye: it depends on who. If it is a literary circle, I would like to introduce their own two words: writers. If you are a stranger, such as plane or high-speed rail on the neighbor, I would say he is a small unit of the office. If it is to go to the supermarket to buy food, my identity is a housewife. Li Hao: I’m Li Hao. Author Li Hao. Fat Li Hao. Hao zi. Ren Xiaowen: writer. B: I am a writer of fiction, and limited to this. I tried to write poetry, but it just made me realize I was stupid. However, I often feel that when the language is not good, I will read poetry. Adin: Adin, writing novels. Zhang Chu: previously introduced himself as a civil servant, amateur writer. Now a professional writer, then said they seemed hypocritical. Zhao Zhiming: Leo, snake, type O blood. Not tall, tone deaf, love football, sleep well, a pillow to sleep almost no sleep. Indulge in fantasy, dream of the day. Xu Zechen: writer, editor. Lu Min: I usually say, writing novels. Then quickly out the name, make a deep fame chastity like, anyway, the other is generally quite complex, nodded his head shaking hands: Oh ah writer, writer. Curb: born in 1973, novelist, or writer, can. 6 novels have been published so far. Cai Jun: writer, who wrote mystery novels, but also to write the other. (two) in a cool: do you think you are undervalued? Yi Zhou: it seems, this "undervalued", more likely due to his works was that many misreading, at least, is not a correct view, who can not think so? In fact, most of the time, I feel very guilty, what stolen honor? Do not know, we do this thing, and what honor. Shi Yifeng: the other people’s own estimates of the matter, in fact, it is quite ridiculous. Of course, people are no exception, to hear good, people praise you a smug, derogatory word you arent, Beba P Love effect experiment on the mentality of the spirit. Because of this awareness to keep alert, evil from the rational tell yourself that you are not worthy too)相关的主题文章: