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3 brand new car will come out all potential Chinese explosion models car brand is far more than other countries, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the United States are only a few brands, some brands China will reduce the future, so each strive to survive in this race for survival: 1 qoros has been used the high cost of procurement of international well-known manufacturers of the gearbox and other core components, but this has a joint venture brand blood has been praised, the rich do not buy, no money to buy, this time following the launch of a cross wind qoros GT; 2 Xiaopeng automobile recently controversial, but as one of only 200 employees the car, can achieve automatic driving technology to production, new energy technology has reached the mainstream level, worthy of praise; 3 with two-child policy release, MPV ushered in the spring, the biggest advantage of MPV is better than the same Level 7 SUV ride comfort, Lifan launched a new MPV – Xuan Lang, or market at the end of the year. The day before, the domestic media exposure of a group of qoros cars qoros GT vehicle, the car in the qoros 3 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) based on the three car version with crossover style body kit. It is reported that the car is expected to be held in November at the Guangzhou Motor Show (micro-blog) debut. Hammer brother test urban crossover fan children qoros 3 SUV from vehicle view, view the overall shape of GT basic design continues the cash qoros 3 car three edition, the car is equipped with different crossover style new body kit, including black round eyebrows, broad side skirts and double color bumper etc. the front door, the GT logo is also proved its special status. In addition, the height of the car from the point of view, the chassis clearance from the ground compared to the concept of 3 car or three increase. According to media reports, the concept of power system caused by GT will continue to be equipped with 1.6T engine, but the engine adjustment is consistent with the qoros 3 sedan and the official did not disclose at present can make nothing of it, more news about the car, we will continue to pay attention to. In September 13th, Li car officially released the first car – car Xiaopeng version of BETA, its positioning as a pure electric SUV. Although it is still a prototype car, but the whole car 90% of the design is close to mass production, this year it will officially enter the small batch production stage. It is reported that the new car to 2017 years before the production of 100 units, by the end of 2018 to reach production of 20 thousand units. On the release of the BETA version car Xiaopeng appearance, car Xiaopeng BETA version with a new design, the original degree is very high, the simple design is smooth and clean. The new car headlights, interior looks great sense of technology, design no grille is reminiscent of the Tesla Model 3, but they are quite different in design. Positioning pure electric SUV car body, the car uses a black A column, B column and window profile design, combined with eye-catching five spoke wheels, the entire side is very fashionable. The side is very fashionable tail, the same car design is very simple, but it is equipped with LED light taillights or bright spots, is consistent with the identity of new energy vehicles. Tail is in line with the identity of the new energy vehicles.相关的主题文章: