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18 city to develop the tobacco control bill restaurant complaints, law enforcement and other problems – Beijing China news network November 15th news (reporter Wei Jing) the day before, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee voted through the revised "Regulations on smoking control in public places in Shanghai city". Regulations to further expand the outdoor public place smoking areas, clear in the hotel, dining, entertainment, indoor workplaces, transportation hub, airport, railway station, bus station and other port places smoke-free, triggered a public discussion, China’s smoking tobacco control process has taken a new step. In March 1, 2010, "Shanghai City, the control of smoking in public places regulations" formally implemented, become the WHO "the Framework Convention on tobacco control in China after the entry into force, China, first promulgated by the provincial people’s Congress tobacco control regulations. November 2014, the health and Family Planning Commission drafted the public places to control smoking ordinance (Draft) to the public for comments. Reviewers clear, all indoor public places are prohibited smoking. In addition, sports, fitness venues and outdoor seating, stadium area; public transportation waiting outside the region has a total ban on smoking. In September 2016 at the eleventh session of the Asia Pacific Conference on tobacco control, the national health and Family Planning Commission deputy director Wang Hesheng said that 18 city China has formulated the regulations of local tobacco control, tobacco control legislation and law enforcement effect. This year, the National Tobacco Control Ordinance has been included in the "State Council 2016 legislative work plan", is revised according to the legislative process in advance. Beijing in 2015 since the implementation of the "Regulations" of Beijing tobacco control smoking, known as the "history of the most stringent tobacco control order. In June 1st this year, the implementation of the first anniversary, according to the specialized agencies on the implementation of the tobacco control order to assess the effect of smoking in public places, the crowd was significantly reduced. Illegal behavior check unit found rate dropped from the initial 23.1% to 6.7%, according to the China Tobacco Control Association before and after the implementation of the "Regulations" comparison shows that Beijing city tobacco control smoking, smoking in public places has decreased from 11.3% to 3.8%. Smoke-free environment is the best schools, star hotels, hospitals, the biggest change is the public transport station. In addition, the survey also shows that the increase in smoking in public satisfaction. 46.4% of smokers say they want to quit smoking, 33.5% of respondents said that if you find people smoking in no smoking areas will be discouraged. Nevertheless, the implementation process of tobacco control in Beijing also encountered some problems, the restaurant is most of the places of public complaints. According to the Legal Daily reported that Zhang Jianshu, President of the Beijing Municipal Tobacco Control Association, said that since last September so far, in the 7603 mass complaints received, there are about 42% complaints against the restaurant for about 2556 times. Earlier this month, has accumulated more than 5 times because of complaints, sea fishing, Jin Dingxuan, Qingfeng baozi Pu 13 tobacco control ineffective restaurant chain to be interviewed. Meanwhile, Beijing is actively studying, intends to be investigated units, individuals into the integrity of the system, into the blacklist". Up to now, in Hangzhou, the control of smoking in public places Ordinance has been implemented for more than 6 years. In.相关的主题文章: