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15 kinds of "orange" not the same, you have to drink? Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea "orange" oops "xiaoqing! My heart!" Called "orange Xiaoqing" tea quickly Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River. Many friends will regard it as a pearl in the palm, put it down. Orange, red orange, green orange, orange 15 green "Mandarin" effect is different! Are you right? Xiaoqing orange done really very delicate, some small dragon means, delicate and lovely, in this look at the "color value" of the times, not to be loved is difficult. Even before the orange orange Pu, Pu two predecessors, Xiaoqing orange is but a small a bit, the popularity is far beyond them and why? This orange orange, what, and where is the difference? What is the green orange!? Orange is a kind of green tea which is not yet mature "infant" citrus and Yunnan Pu’er Tea as raw material. Table tennis is smaller than the general from the beginning of autumn to Xiaoqing citrus picking period of the autumn equinox, when the skin is not yet mature, or green skin, the oil chamber point slightly concave and dense, no significant shrinkage, quality hard thin, spicy Qixiang. The orange in the Xiaoqing Pu’er Tea is generally used for a few years of Pu’er tea. The origin of citrus peel is one of the very large yield fruits in china. Do not say do not know, said a scare, there are 15 varieties of Citrus in china! Sichuan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Wenzhou, citrus, orange, Shantou, Xiamen Xinhui Citrus, tea orange, so many species, we usually eat what type of orange? The orange skin can be dried, then aged three years, was to we often say that the orange peel. In the orange peel, orange peel is one of the most famous in xinhui. "One hundred years of tangerine peel, Millennium ginseng", said this is the new peel, history, it was once as a tribute. In 2006, the national quality inspection administration will be approved as a product of geographical indication Xinhui tangerine peel, which makes it again to fire up. Orange and orange orange orange orange Pu Pu Pu raw material is red orange orange Cape Xinhui, raw material is Yangshan orange or other parts of the orange made. Xinhui Citrus Red is a symbol of National Geographic, is also the raw material and nutritional value of dried tangerine peel contains the most abundant material, the effect of red orange peel is not high. Xinhui Citrus skin is thick, large grain oil and clearly visible. Dried or dried tangerine peel, increase flavonoids, either edible value or medicinal value is very high, brewing up taste sweet, there is sweet. Authentic Xinhui Citrus cost is 4-6 times of other orange orange, yangshan. Yangshan orange orange peel is thin, fine grain oil. Made of dried tangerine peel after medicinal value is not high, the tea Chen Xiangwei is not obvious. Orange and orange orange orange orange & green tea peel according to different, can be divided into green orange and red tangerine Puer tea. According to the different degree of growth, green orange can also be subdivided into green tangerine (Citrus, green orange green); red orange can also be subdivided into two red orange, red orange. Four of the most representative is the primary state of citrus peel has fully ripe red and green orange. "相关的主题文章: