12 Zodiac Signs In The Birth Chart With Their Respective General Physical Appearances-9c8950

Everything about you can be predicted in the birth chart including your physical looks particularly by the Ascendant or the rising sign. Every sign has a dominating and charateristic feature, which may be affected by the position of the planets and zodiacs. Birth chart interpretations are influenced by the position of the heavenly bodies at the time of your birth. Therefore, due to constant movement of the planets and zodiacs, every single minute produces a new and unique natal chart. Ascendant Also known as the rising sign or the cusp of the first house. This describes ones physical attributes, disposition, and mannerisms. Since the cusp represents the doorway, it is where you can catch a glimpse of what a person is in entirety. It symbolizes our initial reaction in response to any situation. It is regarded as how we interact with the environment. A birth chart can tell the physical being of a person; although, these may vary depending on the position of the planets and houses. Here are the general physical appearance according to sun sign namely: Aries They usually have a lean and strong body with an average height. Their eyes are intensed and skin has a good tone and .plexion. Taurus Although they have an average stature, they are often sturdy and stout in appearance, yet with beautiful .plexion. Represented by the enus, the goddess of beauty, Taureans are beauty and figure conscious. They always like to maintain good impression when it .es to their looks. Gemini Physically, Geminis are tall and plump in structure. Their chronological age often differs from their biological age. It means they look younger despite their real age. Cancer These people are typically heavy in appearance, but with slender limbs. Their typical characteristics include: round face, prominent cheek bones, round and watery eyes, pale skin, flat chest (women), and brown hair. Leo Most people born under Leo sign have kinky or curly hair. They often have an oval face that perfectly matches their large eyes. They posses a smile that is apparent and contagious. Virgo Generally, they possess a beautiful, lovable and innocent-looking face with straight nose; however, their jaws may be a bit broad. They are described as petite and slender in looks. Libra Frequently, they have a well-balanced stature from head to toe. They are tall, gorgeous, smooth, fleshy, and highly likable. Scorpio Scorpio has an average height, thin built, yet with strong body. Women are often slender and sexy while, men are sporty and energetic in appearance. Persons who are born under Scorpio have coarse voice and deeply penetrating stare. Sagittarius They may either be tall and well-trimmed or short and over-weight. They are usually lively and clever when it .es to socialization. Capricorn They usually have a unique style of walking, which makes it their charateristic feature. In general, they are muscular, tough, good-looking and brainy. Aquarius Taller than the average people, but projects a stooping head position. They may be beautiful in appearance, but with some issues concerning their teeth. Their extraordinary sense of taste when it .es to style of clothing marks a distinct charateristic in Aquarius. Pisces They often assume a stooped position especially when walking. Most of them have an average height and weight. Their eyes are full of emotions and they love to stare often. 相关的主题文章: