10 QDII focus on the net worth of six months of the highest growth of nearly 25%- fund channel kaya scodelario

10 QDII focus on the net worth of six months, the highest growth of nearly 25%- fund channel more and more high-quality enterprises in the global market, the stock also recently sought after by the fund. With the ability to tap the value of the shares of the QDII fund products will become the focus of market attention. Zhengbao reporter combing the relevant products found that the current market there are 10 main products in the market to capture the stock market opportunities. Since this year, gains a lot of products has two characteristics: high stocks, heavily loaded with technology. Through close observation of related products, investors can not only learn from ideas, but also can choose the appropriate funds for asset allocation. Strong strong characteristics of the fund can only be seen from the layout of the fund can be seen in the first half of this year, the market strong strong strong characteristics, and this style is expected to continue in the second half. The reporter combing data found that nearly half a year to make stocks and net growth rate of close to or more than 20% of the QDII fund has 4, of which 3 were the first fund awkwardness Lazi Tencent holding, holding the market value of the proportion of the net assets of the fund in 7% to 10%. Most of the respondents pointed out that the fund manager, the Tencent’s share price short-term strength is strong obvious characteristics. China Sea Franklin QDII fund manager, said in an interview with the Shanghai Stock Exchange, said: Despite the high price of Tencent shares even high, but the valuation is still reasonable. Tencent’s WeChat products currently no other technology can be replaced, the future development of space is still large." Xu Cheng’s confidence comes from Tencent excellent data. Reported that Tencent two quarter total revenue of $35 billion 691 million, an increase of 52% over the same period last year, net profit of $7 billion 310 million from the same period last year to $10 billion 730 million. The same as the BTA giant Alibaba recently released earnings is quite beautiful, and revealed the intention of planning a larger layout. Its latest earnings report for the first time in four departments of financial information disclosure, in addition to the core business, the other three departments respectively for cloud computing, digital media and entertainment business, innovation projects and other business, the three sector is defined as the three "new engine". In addition to the fund’s preference for Tencent, preference is also quite concentrated in the investment area, the largest investment areas are China’s Hongkong market, the proportion of stock investment in the region far more than other regions. Xu Cheng explained to reporters: "despite the Chinese Hongkong market has accumulated a substantial increase, but compared to other markets is still undervalued, with China economic data, corporate earnings recovery, listed on the Hongkong Chinese quality subject worthy of attention." According to statistics, currently on the market there are 10 main products to capture "concept stocks opportunities in the market, there are 5 fund allocation China Hongkong market capitalization accounted for more than 70% of the net value of the fund, only 2 more than 60%, 2 more than 50%. For the configuration of a higher demand for diversified investors, you can focus on a wider range of investment funds. Specifically, the current investment is the most widely Bo Asia Pacific select and ICBC Credit Suisse Global Allocation of China opportunity. The former allocation of China’s Hongkong region reached.相关的主题文章: