32Mao industry business integration of high quality department store overall layout strategic platform|Mao industry business integration of high quality department store overall layout strategic platform6

Maoye commercial department: integration of high-quality enterprises overall layout strategy platform hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan Maoye commercial Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Maoye commercial") published in August the non-public offering plan, is expected to launch a total of 2 billion 267 million yuan A shares, to raise funds for the acquisition of 100% stake in Qinhuangdao Maoye and Chongqing Maoye 100% stake. Notice that the acquisition is the subject of two are in the city center district, and operating well, the move is intended to improve the layout of Maoye commercial southwest, and effectively expand the North China market, to further improve the company’s overall strategic layout. In recent years, affected by the macroeconomic downturn, industry diversion and other factors, the overall weakness of the department store retail industry. In such a harsh environment, Mao industry still maintained a good business operations, while the company has always attached importance to the return of investors and corporate responsibility. The last three years, the cumulative amount of cash dividends of the company accounted for the last three years, the proportion of annual distributable profits reached $159.62%. In the face of the present, look to the future, Mao industry why choose to engage in mergers and acquisitions at this time? In the future, how to seek a new breakthrough in the market environment with slow consumption and fierce competition? How to look at the company’s management and the development prospects of the industry? For these problems, Mr. Gao Hongbiao said the Chairman Mao industry business in the face of the question, the precise positioning of the target customers, upgrading the shopping environment, enhance the shopping experience, the integration of online and offline resources as well as the integration of high quality department stores and a series of initiatives to improve the company’s strategic layout, will become the effective way to enhance confidence in the industry. Improve the layout of the country, to enhance the continued profitability of the question: Mao industry, the non-public offering of shares to buy Qinhuangdao Mao industry and Chongqing Mao industry, for what kind of consideration? A: combined with the company’s business background and development status, we mainly consider the company’s development plan from several aspects: first, improve the national layout of the company, to enhance sustainable profitability. The acquisition of the target company, Qinhuangdao Mao industry and Chongqing Mao industry, its department stores are located in the main shopping district, with strong profitability. In after the completion of the non-public offering, the company will further improve the layout of the southwest, effectively expanding the North China market, enhance the income scale, synergies, enhance the company’s profitability and core competitiveness. Secondly, the performance of the controlling shareholder, the actual controller assets into the commitment to avoid potential competition with the industry. In 2015 the company issued shares to buy assets in the process, the controlling shareholder, actual controller Huang Maoru Maoye issued "about to avoid competition with the commitment", which is part of the content of commitment to the issuance of shares to buy assets 24 months after the completion of the period, according to Maoye commercial operation, the Chongqing Maoye and related assets to transfer, merger and other feasible way to transfer to third parties or to the integration of Mao industry business; in the issuance of shares to buy assets after the completion of the appropriate time, according to business needs and theory

16Novice mothers to know how to prevent and avoid several common postpartum diseases – Sohu maternal a|Novice mothers to know how to prevent and avoid several common postpartum diseases – Sohu maternal a9

Novice mothers to know how to prevent and avoid a few common postpartum diseases – Sohu maternal and child images from the network of friends just to be promoted to mom. Hard to watch their pain after two days before birth down baby, cloud heart is filled with a thousand regrets embrace of the baby, baby, let it go; to look at the baby in his sleep, reluctant to look away. The birth is easier to restore the Constitution itself is not bad, cloud. They returned from the hospital, the cloud began his life hands-on feeding baby. From feeding to baby diaper change, from washing to baby bath massage, cloud never hand under the guise of others, even the baby’s father, she also worried that men clumsy-handed do bad things to hurt the baby. Just born baby no day and night, hungry to cry to eat. Clouds follow when the baby fell asleep the day and night, during the day, she also a busy washing diapers for the baby laundry; night baby wake up crying when she is also the first time the baby to nurse arms. It did not take into account their own bodies, always feel that their recovery is also good, even once neglected her so many days still did not recover the lochia clean. The results of the 42 day of the inspection, only to find themselves suffering from endometrial is not clean, so he began to own a series of injections, medication, and even the baby’s milk is also broken. That she didn’t regret a previous mistake if you post, a good rest, maybe it will not be so bad. Pictures from the network in October is pregnant, day of birth. When the mother and fetal baby body day has just begun, women will consciously into the mother’s role in the basic necessities of life, without leave no stone unturned for this small, your baby’s growth and development, be careful when mothers than one more to go. When your baby born, a tender baby, the glorious motherhood will make every mother sincerely release unlimited amounts of hormones, from the baby with the most solid rely on, then change the woman like water tender as a can at any time to pay with steel Hero: she can endure the pain of the ten grade production also can endure pain, stomach on the long edge, everything is good for the baby, as long as the baby is all good. In fact, the promotion of a mother, should take good care of themselves. Because only their physical recovery is very good, can have enough energy to take care of the baby. Postpartum mom is in fact the most weak, when two blood loss, various diseases will be ready to, seriously affected the physical and mental health of women. Therefore, new mothers must know how to prevent and avoid several common postpartum diseases, take good care of yourself. Pictures from the network [] this few days postpartum depression depression with the death of Qiao Renliang in the network which is a raise a Babel of criticism of, perhaps outsiders disease and not a terrible mental illness is not at birth. Postpartum depression is a kind of special mental disorder, which refers to the psychological, physiological and social roles of many mothers, which leads to the disorder of spirit, emotion and behavior. Postpartum depression can generally heal itself, but!